Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez shows off photo with his three boys, calls them his ‘gang’

Chris Lopez on Mtv
Chris Lopez showed off his kids on Instagram. Pic credit: MTV

Chris Lopez, Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy to her two youngest boys, showed off a picture of himself with all three of his boys.

Chris Lopez calls all three of his boys his ‘gang’

In the Instagram photo, Chris called his three boys his “gang,” as they posed for a picture for Chris to show to viewers on social media.

In the photo, Chris is holding up his phone with one hand and holding his newest son, the baby, in the other.

Kailyn and Chris’ two boys they have together are by his side, not wanting to get too far from their dad.

Lux, age four, is shown putting out the dance vibes as he moves back and forth with rhythm. Creed, age one, looks to be eating a snack in one hand while holding onto his dad’s leg with the other.

Chris looks pretty smitten in the photo, as he gives off a wide smile, happy to be with all three of his boys and have them all together under one roof.

Chris and Kail have had their share of troubles recently, and fans haven’t made it easy on them either, second-guessing if Creed is really Chris’ child.

Difficulties and strain between Chris and Kailyn

Also, the name changes were a stressor for both Kailyn and Chris. If viewers remember, Kail changed Creed’s name after he was born, from Romello Creed Lopez, to Creed Romello Lopez-Lowry.

So not only did Kail flip-flop the first and middle names, but she also hyphenated Creed’s last name to include her own. Lux’s last name is already just Lowry, after his mom and not Chris.

It didn’t help, either, that Kail made the announcement about Chris’ third son and her boys having a new sibling before Chris even announced it publicly.

As you can imagine, this also has caused drama, confusion, and strife for Chris, Kail, and the boys.

Kail and Chris have had to take to social media to defend this fact, and they have been expressing how hard this is for all of them, including the boys.

Chris is really taking to being a father, especially after Trew was born

While Chris hasn’t revealed his baby mama for his third son, whose name is Trew Christopher Lopez, or CJ as Chris likes to call him, he does seem to be taking the dad role more seriously lately.

After having his third son, it does seem that Chris is enjoying fatherhood more. He even made the comment after Trew’s birth, “I love being a dad. I promise you…But low-key…I experience more with the third one than I have with the others. It feels crazy. It feels good.”

Look out for more Chris in the future, Teen Mom fans. It looks like he is taking to fatherhood now more than ever. Hopefully, he and Kail can get along for the sake of Lux, Creed, and now little Trew.

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