Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez shares how he really feels about his sons being around ‘different men’

Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez talks about all of the different men in his sons’ lives. Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Chris Lopez, from Teen Mom 2, is the baby daddy to two of Kailyn Lowry’s sons, Lux, age 4, and Creed, age 1. Chris has answered the question about how he feels regarding his two sons being around various men throughout their days.

Because his baby mama, Kailyn, has two other children with two other dads, there are numerous father figures and men in and out of Lux and Creed’s lives, aside from their own father.

He commented by saying, “I don’t really feel anything towards it anymore been dealing with that for almost 5 years now, it’s life, my boys know who their dad is.”

Chris, the father to both Lux and Creed, has publicly and openly stepped up recently, possibly because he has fathered another child, whose baby mama is anonymous at this time.

The blended family of Kailyn Lowry

Chris’s third son’s name is Trew, but he calls him CJ as a nickname for this child because Chris revealed, “He’s his own person,” regarding having Junior at the end of his name, with his middle name Christopher after himself.

Kailyn, herself, has two other children, fathered by two different dads. Isaac, age 12, Kailyn had with her ex Joe Rivera, and Lincoln, age 8, she had with her ex Javi Marroquin.

Not only are there three different dads around, but there are other siblings from the dads with other significant others as well. Lincoln has a half-brother, Isaac has a half-sister, and Lux and Creed have a half-brother.

Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Chris and Kailyn’s past

Chris and Kailyn have had their share of problems in the past and have been in major feuds throughout most of the boys’ lives. A couple of the more recent feuds have centered around Kailyn announcing Chris’ girlfriend being pregnant before they could, the name change of Creed’s name, Chris cutting Lux’s hair, Kail allegedly punching Chris, to Chris not being around his kids early on.

It seems as if Chris has stepped up after the birth of Trew, and realizes how important their dad is in their lives. He even revealed that “I’m a dad of three now. It’s crazy. I actually just had my kids this past weekend—all three of them. It felt good. I like it.”

Kailyn and Chris have had to work together as well, with all of the critics and trolls questioning whether both Creed and Lux are Chris’ sons since they look so different from each other. Kail actually took to Instagram and made a video with Lux about how genetics work to try to silence those said trolls.

It sounds as if Chris is okay with Lux and Creed being around all of the baby daddies because he is confident the boys know who their dad is, and he made the comment that he is used to it all by now.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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