Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez says he got a ‘laugh’ out of Kailyn Lowry’s statement, she claps back

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry claps back at Chris Lopez' shady comment about her statement.
Chris Lopez shades Kailyn Lowry. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry recently shared a lengthy statement about the custody issues with Chris Lopez, and he has since responded.

According to Chris, he had quite the “laugh” after reading what Kailyn had to say about their situation, and in his shady response, he claimed she needed two lawyers to fight him in court.

Chris and Kailyn have been hurling insults at each other following the latest episode of the MTV show. The long-awaited episode featured Briana DeJesus’ sit down with Chris for his podcast, which has reignited Kailyn’s feud with her costar and her baby daddy.

After social media chimed in and took sides in the ongoing drama, Kailyn released a statement explaining her side of the story.

While she got a slew of support from people for doing what was best for her kids regarding the custody issue, Chris was amused by the whole thing.

Chris Lopez claims he got a ‘laugh’ out of Kailyn Lowry’s statement

Kailyn Lowry shared a lengthy explanation about her situation with Chris Lopez on Instagram and made it clear that a judge decided on their custody situation.

However, he has since caught wind of Kailyn’s claims and had a shady response in return.

During an Instagram Q&A, someone questioned the dad-of-three about his baby mama’s statement, and he responded, “Yea we got a lil laugh out of it.”

He also mocked the Teen Mom 2 star for spending a large sum of money hiring lawyers to fight him in court.

“[Two] lawyers and close to 100k spent just to fight lil ole me from gaining 50/50,” continued Chris.”That seems to contradict her statement but her team is amazing how they rally around her.”

Chris Lopez shades Kailyn Lowry's recent statement.
Pic credit: @teenmom.tea/Instagram

Kailyn Lowry claps back at Chris Lopez

The Teen Mom 2 star has since responded to Chris Lopez and made it clear that the statement she put out came from her.

“Wrote this during therapy while I was getting my feelings and thoughts together,” said Kailyn. “No team necessary.”

In the much-talked-about statement that the mom-of-four posted on Instagram, she explained that it’s more difficult co-parenting with Chris than her other baby daddies, Javi Marroquin and Jo Rivera.

“The boys only have two parents, and when he is falling short, I have to pick up the slack and fill in the gaps emotionally, physically, and financially,” said Kailyn.

She also noted that the courts made the final decision on how much time Chris got with their kids, not her.

“If things were as easy and simple as he thinks they are, he would have gotten more time,” she reasoned.

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