Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez says he and Kail Lowry discussed hosting a podcast together

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
Chris Lopez says he and ex Kail Lowry talked about hosting a podcast together. Pic credit: MTV

Chris Lopez says that his ex and baby mama, Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2, once discussed hosting a podcast together.

The former couple has been at each other’s throats lately, spewing insults via social media and on their podcasts.

Most recently, news broke that Chris reportedly signed a contract with MTV to appear on future seasons of Teen Mom 2.

Kail was said to be “very upset” about Chris joining the cast, but addressed the rumors and claimed that she didn’t find out the news until everyone else did.

Chris Lopez and Kail Lowry discussed hosting a podcast together

On Chris’s podcast, P.T.S.D. – Pressure Talks with Single Dads, he recently disclosed that he and Kail once talked about teaming up and recording a podcast together.

At the time, Chris says the exes were getting along so well that they even talked about working together and Chris thinks it might have actually been beneficial.

Chris admitted to his co-host, Bread, “You know what’s f**ked up? Me and [Kail] were getting along. We were getting along, and it was to a point where [she] started about talking about [us] doing a podcast together.”

Kail is already a co-host on two of her own podcasts: Coffee Convos with co-host Lindsey Chrisley, and Baby Mamas No Drama with Vee Rivera.

“That would have been a lit-a**podcast. That s**t would have been beneficial,” Chris added.

Chris explained that being forced to face their issues head-on would have likely helped them work through them.

“Say we had a beef, like now, you dead a** face-to-face say what the hell you gotta say,” Chris told his listeners.

Although Chris and Kail weren’t able to get to a place where they could potentially become business partners, Kail has teamed up with another baby daddy of hers, Javi Marroquin.

Kail and Javi’s son, Lincoln, is a diehard athlete, and he inspired his parents to team up and offer youth sports camps across the country.

Chris seems to be the one baby daddy of Kail’s that she just can’t get along with. Although she admittedly keeps her conversations with baby daddy Jo Rivera strictly about Isaac, Kail and Jo co-parent effectively and haven’t had much turmoil in a while.

Kail has been spotted with Javi quite a bit lately, sparking rumors that they are an item once again. Kail’s rep shot down the rumors, however, and said she and Javi spend time together strictly for their son, Lincoln.

Chris and Kail can’t seem to get along

When it comes to co-parenting with Chris, however, Kail and her third baby daddy just can’t seem to get along. Chris called co-parenting with Kail the “worst job in the world.”

Kail revealed that she didn’t even invite Chris to his own sons’ birthday celebration, but invited her ex-husband, Javi.

Regardless if Chris and Kail were able to become podcast co-hosts or not, it appears they have no chance at a future together.

Last month, Chris admitted that he wouldn’t change anything with his baby mama, but he also doesn’t see a relationship in their future.

Do you think Chris and Kail hosting a podcast together would be beneficial?

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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