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Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez says co-parenting with Kail Lowry is ‘worst job in the world’

Kail Lowry and Lux Lowry and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
Chris Lopez said co-parenting with Kail Lowry is the “Worst job in the world.” Pic credit: MTV

Chris Lopez got candid about how his feelings towards co-parenting with his ex and baby mama, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry, and he isn’t exactly thrilled about the job.

The 26-year-old father of two took some time out of his day to answer some fan questions over the weekend.

It’s become the norm for Chris to receive plenty of questions about his ex, Kail Lowry, whenever he answers Q&As on his Instagram Stories, and this time was no exception.

Chris’s fans wasted no time and asked away about co-parenting with Kail Lowry. The former couple co-parents two sons: Lux Russell, 4, and Creed Romello, 1.

Chris Lopez says co-parenting with Kail Lowry is ‘Worst job in the world’

“How’s coparenting?” one of Chris’s fans asked him in the Q&A.

Chris didn’t hold back his feelings when he answered, “Worst job in the world[.]”

More co-parenting questions came flooding in, and Chris took the time to answer several more. Another of Chris’s followers on Instagram was curious about what actually causes problems with co-parenting.

chris lopez of teen mom 2 on instagram stories
Chris Lopez called co-parenting with Kail Lowry the “Worst job in the world.” Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

They asked, “U think it’s personal feelings that make coparenting difficult or actual parenting problems?

“100000% Personal feelings,” was Chris’s answer.

chris lopez of teen mom 2 on instagram stories
Chris thinks feelings get in the way of co-parenting with Kail. Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Speaking of feelings, Kail and Chris’s history has explored the spectrum of emotions. Recently, Kail shared a screenshot of a text from Chris, calling her expletives.

Chris later owned up to it, and told his fans, “I shouldn’t have said it.”

Chris Lopez’s statement about son Creed upset Teen Mom 2 fans

One of Chris’s responses to a fan question got Teen Mom 2 fans talking. When asked, “What made you have a second kid, if things were rocky already with the 1st?”

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Chris shocked some with his reply.

“S**t happens, you live and learn,” Chris said of having his second son, Creed, with Kail.

Teen Mom 2 fans commented on a thread titled, “Chris Q&A “why would you have a 2nd kid if things were rocky already with the first one? S**t happens u live n u learn”…??‍♀️” and called out Chris for the way he referred to having Creed. The thread also shared screenshots of all of Chris’s answers.

chris lopez of teen mom 2 on reddit
Teen Mom 2 fans called out Chris over his comment about Creed. Pic credit: u/ragcoon/Reddit

“I can’t imagine growing up and then finding out my dad said ‘s**t happens, you live and you learn’ regarding having me….. I would be devastated. I hope these kids get into therapy and stick with it,” commented one fan of Teen Mom 2.

chris lopez of teen mom 2 on reddit
Teen Mom 2 fans called out Chris Lopez for his comments about son Creed. Pic credit: u/ragcoon/Reddit

“What a lovely quote for Creed to read one day ?” said another commenter.

Although Kail and Chris have a tumultuous history and can’t seem to figure out how to co-parent peacefully, Teen Mom 2 fans think the former couple still had feelings for each other.

During an episode this season on Teen Mom 2, Chris made his debut, despite threatening legal action if he appeared on any episodes. During the episode, Chris sat in Kail’s car and the two exchanged flirtatious energy while bickering in front of the cameras.

Perhaps Kail and Chris’s court-ordered therapy will help the exes work out some of their issues, especially for the sake of their sons, Lux and Creed.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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