Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez explains why he jokes about the drama in his life, admits it’s ‘hurtful’

Chris Lopez and sons Lux and Creed of Teen Mom 2
Chris Lopez opened up about the “hurtful” drama in his life and why he jokes about it. Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Chris Lopez admitted that he has to laugh about the “hurtful” drama in his life as a way to cope.

Chris recently went live on Instagram and talked about why he jokes about what he goes through in life.

Teen Mom 2 star Chris Lopez says he ‘has to laugh’ at the pain he’s endured

In a clip from one of Chris’ recent Instagram Lives, as shared by Teen Mom Chatter, Chris told his fans that he “has to laugh” at the painful things he endures.

“Like I said, I joke about the s**t I go through because the s**t ain’t really funny so I gotta laugh about it,” Chris admitted.

Chris continued, “If y’all gonna talk about the drama, you wanna talk about the negative situations that’s going on in my life, I’m not gonna sit here and dwell on the negative anymore. I’ve been through this s**t. You hear me?”

“They hurtful,” Chris admitted. “These situations, s**t that people go through, or what I go through, s**t be hurtin’, but I gotta make a joke out of it.”

Chris also took some time to explain his newest son’s name, which has confused some of his fans because of a nickname he gave him. It turns out that Chris’s third son is legally named Trew Christopher Lopez, but Chris has chosen to call him CJ.

Chris Lopez explains his third son CJ’s nickname

Chris explained, “Trew… so, CJ, for all y’all who are confused, CJ is my nickname that I gave my son.”

“Right? Because his name is, his middle name is Christopher, and his last name’s Lopez. With my first name, and with my last name,” Chris explained.

The Teen Mom 2 star continued, “My first name is Christopher, my last name is Lopez. So, he has my name. I call him CJ. But his first name is Trew.”

“Did I explain that well enough for y’all to understand so you’re no longer confused? Alright?” Chris told his fans, making it clear that he should have explained his son’s name well enough for the topic to be dropped.

“And I’m putting that in the simplest terms for y’all so y’all shouldn’t get that confused,” he added. “There shouldn’t be no articles, literally, Chris just explained it to y’all.”

News that Chris was expecting his third child wasn’t shared by him or his new baby mama, but his ex, Kail Lowry, leaked the news instead.

Kail then leaked the gender, telling her fans that Chris was expecting a third son with his new baby mama (whose identity has been kept private).

Chris’ response to Kail stealing his thunder came in the form of a tweet that read, “If they ain’t giving you the right attention I get it but this ain’t the way to get mine.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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