Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska slammed for not being ‘real’ in beauty ad

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska
Critics slammed Chelsea Houska for not being “real” in an ad for beauty masks. Pic credit: MTV

Critics bashed Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska for not appearing to be very “real” in a recent ad promoting a facial product.

Chelsea, a licensed esthetician, knows quite a bit about skincare and loves to share all things skin-related on social media.

So it was no surprise when Chelsea shared an ad on her Facebook page, promoting a line of skincare products from Dime Beauty.

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska shares beauty ad

“My face always feels so much softer, cleaner, and more hydrated after I use DIME Beauty’s Whipped Exfoliating Mask!” Chelsea captioned the video.

“This is a must for me and I like to use it a few times throughout the week! Try it out and let me know your thoughts,” Chelsea added.

In the video, Chelsea could be seen applying the whipped exfoliating mask to her face and was talking about how much she loved the product.

However, many of Chelsea’s followers weren’t focused on the beauty product she was advertising as much as they were interested in what Chelsea should and shouldn’t have been doing.

Teen Mom 2 fans criticize Chelsea Houska for not being ‘real’

Several noticed that Chelsea was seemingly wearing makeup before she applied the mask, her hair was not pulled back and was repeatedly getting in the way, and her long nails were collecting all of the excess “goop.”

“This whole video should not have been filmed ? the hair not pulled back, makeup on her face, the lashes with the mask…idk just cringe,” wrote one of Chelsea’s followers on the Facebook ad.

“Wait…with a full face of makeup?” commented another one of Chelsea’s followers. “If you can’t be real about your face in the first place, how are ppl supposed to think the product is real or actually works? Marketing fail ??‍♀️

Another one of Chelsea’s Facebook followers commented, “The hair, the hoodie, the lashes, the makeup, the goop getting in her nails. ???

chelsea houska's facebook followers criticized her dime beauty facial mask ad
Chelsea’s Facebook followers criticized her Dime Beauty ad. Pic credit: Chelsea Houska/Facebook

Chelsea chose to take the high road and didn’t respond to any of the negative comments on her post.

Aside from sharing beauty product ads on Facebook, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer — who recently celebrated their fifth anniversary — are embroiled in a $3 million legal battle in which they were accused of breaching a contract.

Part of the lawsuit claimed that Chelsea and Cole, the defendants, failed to pay licensing fees and fulfill obligations for other companies who have sponsored their ads.

In the meantime, Chelsea is focusing on building her brand with Cole and raising their four kids, Aubree, Watson, Layne, and Walker.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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