Teen Mom 2: Briana is upset after learning that her mom invited Devoin and family to Thanksgiving

Briana DeJesus purchased a new home and she just wants to enjoy it. Pic credit: MTV
Briana DeJesus purchased a new home and she just wants to enjoy it. Pic credit: MTV

The latest episode of Teen Mom 2, highlighted some very positive moves for Briana DeJesus, literally. The house that she purchased was finished so Briana and her family moved in right before Thanksgiving.

Over a conversation mid-move, Briana’s mom Roxanna revealed that she had texted and extended an invite to Devoin and his family to come for Thanksgiving.

She explained that she had good intentions and that the invitation was in an effort to continue incorporating Devoin and his family into Nova’s life, so he could see their new house and so Nova could show off her room.

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Roxanne stands her ground, saying Devoin is invited to Thanksgiving

Briana seemed immediately unhappy, telling her Mom, “Come on bro, why couldn’t you talk to me about it?  You do too much, you’re so annoying.”

Roxanne stood her ground saying that they were family and this would be good for Nova to see.

Guess Who Is Coming to Briana’s Thanksgiving? ? Teen Mom 2

Briana later said that she was looking forward to a calm Thanksgiving evening with just her family after the stressful move.  She did finally come to the conclusion that she would have to sacrifice her own comfort for Nova to experience a holiday with both sides of her family.

“It’s good for Nova at the end of the day, that’s it. Am I excited about it? No,” Briana explained.

Devoin’s mom waits outside in the car instead of joining Thanksgiving dinner

Things seemed to be running smoothly on Thanksgiving.

Devoin, his sister, and dad all came in and even complimented the new home.

Briana encouraged Nova to take them upstairs to show them her new room, and they could be seen laughing and playing with Nova and Stella.

Briana quickly noticed that Devoin’s mom, Charita, was not there.  Soon it was revealed that Charita was actually outside the home, but was not coming inside.  The Teen Mom 2 star even went as far as to go outside and check on her to see if she was going to come in and have dinner, but she apparently declined.

Teen Mom 2 fans will recall that Charita showed up for Nova’s birthday, shocking Briana as she had apparently not seen Nova since she was a baby.

Since then, it seemed as if a true effort was being made by Charita to be a part of Nova’s life.  This included several sleepovers where Nova was getting to know her Grandma.

Everything seemed to be on track, which is why it was such a strange step backward for her not to come and even say hi to her granddaughter.

In a conversation after dinner, Roxanne said that she had been outside when Devoin and Charita had pulled up and that she had not gotten out of the car saying she didn’t feel well and that she couldn’t stand from cooking and wearing heels all day.

Briana asked if Nova had even seen Charita and Roxanne told her no. Briana ended the discussion exasperated, “That’s disrespectful.  Nova knew she was coming, and then…nothing.”

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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