Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus’s attorney wants Kailyn Lowry’s lawsuit dismissed

Briana DeJesus's attorney wants lawsuit filed by Kailyn Lowry dismissed
The attorney for Briana DeJesus wants Kailyn Lowry’s lawsuit dismissed. Pic credit: MTV

There’s been an update in the lawsuit filed by Kailyn Lowry against her Teen Mom 2 castmate Briana DeJesus — and things might not go in Kailyn’s favor.

The two women got into a heated feud on social media a few weeks ago and Briana made allegations against Kailyn which has since resulted in a lawsuit.

The MTV stars are now embroiled in a legal dispute but it might very well be thrown out if Briana’s attorney has his way.

Briana DeJesus’s lawyer wants Kailyn Lowry case dismissed

Briana DeJesus and her attorney have filed a motion to have the case against the Teen Mom 2 star dismissed amid claims that it has no merit, and they also want Kailyn to pay Briana’s legal fees.

According to court documents obtained by The Sun the claims made by Briana regarding Kailyn and her baby daddy Chris Lopez did in fact take place as Briana claimed in her Instagram post a few weeks ago.

Briana’s high-powered attorney Marc Randazza claimed that his client could not have possibly defamed Kailyn Lowry with “false” stories because Kailyn was actually arrested for the alleged assault on her ex.

“She verifiably was arrested for thisand her arrest garnered media attention,” wrote Randazza. So now the famed attorney wants what he claims is the “meritless” lawsuit filed by Kailyn dismissed.

“It is meritless and directed exclusively at protected speech on a matter of public concern brought for the purpose of harassing and trying to silence a critic,” he added.

Why is Kailyn Lowry suing Briana DeJesus?

Teen Mom 2 viewers have all heard the story by now but we’ll recap for those who might have missed out.

During a heated altercation on Instagram, Briana commented on Kailyn being left out of an episode of the show and accused her castmate of not sharing her real life on camera.

As an example, she brought up Kailyn’s domestic dispute with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez — who’s also the father of two of Kailyn’s kids. Their dispute reportedly started after Chris decided to give their son Lux a haircut without Kailyn’s knowledge and an argument between the parents escalated.

Briana claimed that Kailyn had physically assaulted Chris Lopez, and broke into Chris’s mother’s home, however none of this was filmed for the show although it was out there in the media.

Soon after her dispute with Briana, Kailyn decided to file a suit against her and now we’re just waiting to see how it all plays out in court — although it might not if Briana’s legal team gets their way.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry’s court case against Briana DeJesus will be dismissed?

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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