Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus taking a social media break, ‘no longer seeks validation’ from her followers

Teen Mom 2's Briana DeJesus
Briana DeJesus told her fans she is taking a break from social media to take care of her mental health. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus went on a long-winded rant and told her followers that she’s taking a social media break to focus on her mental health.

On Friday, Dec. 17, Briana shared a message with her fans and explained that her phone number leaked and the current lawsuit filed against her by Kail Lowry changed her perspective on life.

As Teen Mom 2 fans are aware, Briana’s longtime nemesis and castmate, Kail Lowry, filed a defamation lawsuit against Briana over the summer after Briana claimed that Kail “broke and entered” into her ex Chris Lopez’s mom’s house.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus takes to Instagram in lengthy rant

Taking to her Instagram stories, Briana ranted about the lessons she’s learned recently and said she’ll “never” post about her personal business again.

Briana, who recently told her haters to “Go seek therapy,” told her followers that she “no longer seeks validation” from them and called social media a “scary place” that once “dragged her in.”

But now, Briana claims that her issues at home are resolved, and she’s happier than she’s ever felt, calling everything else “background noise” as she moves forward, trying to ignore the talk on social media.

The 27-year-old reality TV star also shared a generalized apology to anyone she has ever “hurt” in her life and promised her fans that if they take the time to heal like she has, “life gets so much easier.”

“I am ready to move forward and continue to find myself bc we just started!” Briana concluded her lengthy rant. “Time to take a much needed break [from] social media so I will see y’all soon! Love y’all.”

Teen Mom 2 viewers react to Briana DeJesus’ rant, social media break

Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram shared screenshots of Briana’s Instagram story, and Teen Mom 2 viewers had plenty to say about Briana’s message in the comments section.

One of Briana’s critics felt the Teen Mom 2 star was sending the message that she did no wrong and commented, “And just like that, she’s all of a sudden Mother Teresa ?? Please !!!”

Another commenter felt that Briana used her lengthy rant to forewarn everyone that she won’t be winning the defamation lawsuit filed against her by Kail Lowry.

“AKA I’m losing this lawsuit y’all ?,” the comment read.

teen mom 2 fans criticized briana dejesus's latest social media rant
Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

“I think someone who is healing would’ve wrote that in a journal rather than for social media,” expressed another one of Briana’s critics.

Another Teen Mom 2 viewer felt Briana was acting a bit hypocritically and commented, “I’ve changed, I no longer need to post my business on social media…. Proceeds to post all her business on social media ?? smh ?‍♀️”

Although Briana may be taking a break from social media, the reality TV star will appear next month on the franchise’s highly anticipated spinoff, Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 8/7c on MTV, followed by the premiere of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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