Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus responds to question about dating Chris Lopez

Briana DeJesus addresses the concerns about her dating Chris Lopez.
Briana DeJesus addresses the concerns about her dating Chris Lopez after doing a recent podcast with him. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Briana Dejesus recently caught backlash after going on a trip to do a podcast with Chris Lopez. 

Her sister, Brittany, called her out on her intentions ahead of her trip to do the podcast.

Even her fiance, Javi, wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Briana going to Philadelphia.

Briana addresses the Chris Lopez dating rumors

Many viewers speculated that Briana and Chris could possibly be dating. 

Briana took to her Instagram to address the issue. 

Briana went on the podcast with Chris Lopez after she had recently faced drama with Kailyn Lowry. 

Some fans believed that Briana was going on the podcast to get back at Kailyn for the recent defamation lawsuit

However, as Briana stated in the show, she was going on the podcast to give a female perspective solely because Chris asked her to. 

Briana addresses fans concerns about her dating status with Chris.
Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana stated, “I am single and not seeing anyone. I was never seeing chris lol we are allowed to be friends. We are grown adults working on the same show [heart emoji] stop thinking so deep into it.” 

In a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana teetered with the idea of calling off her engagement with Javi to figure things out.

Fans were eager to know Briana’s dating status 

While Briana was on her trip to Philadelphia to do the podcast, she had issues with her fiance, Javi.

Despite Briana being in constant communication with him, he was still having trust issues with Briana and she thought that it was too much and felt like Javi did not trust her enough while she was there filming the podcast. 

The fact that Briana felt as though her fiance did not trust her led fans to believe that there truly was something more going on between her and Chris.

Some fans felt as though the two were solely doing the podcast to get back at Kailyn. 

One fan commented, “This is a prime example of when people with a common enemy link up just to be miserable” 

One fan believes that Briana and Chris are only doing the podcast because of a common enemy.
Pic credit: MTV/YouTube

Another fan commented, “Briana really is obsessed with Kail like it’s borderline creepy at this point. Chris just got on the show,  Devoin been Briana’s families story line for years and all they did was dog him on tv. She brought Devoin on her podcast to shed light on his side of the story whereas Bri and Chris are just being messy. Last We saw Chris never wanted to be on the show remember that . Now of all people he goes on a podcast with Briana. Their both clowns ?.” 

One fan calls Briana and Chris "Clowns."
One fan believes that Briana is obsessed with Kailyn. Pic credit: @MTV/YouTube

Briana says that she and Chris are just friends, so fans will have to wait as the season progresses to see if there will be any new developments between the two and their “friendship.” 

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