Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus mocks nemesis Kail Lowry’s new boyfriend

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus and Elijah Scott
Briana recently jumped on a bandwagon of critics making fun of Kail Lowry’s boyfriend Elijah’s appearance. Pic credit: MTV and @kaillowry/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus found yet another way to throw shade at her nemesis Kail Lowry — by making fun of her boyfriend’s appearance.

Since Teen Mom 2 came to a close, most of the drama involving the cast members came from their extracurricular activity on social media.

The defamation lawsuit that Kail filed against Briana took center stage, with a judge finally putting an end to the case by dismissing it, ruling in Briana’s favor.

Since the case’s dismissal, things have been relatively quiet between longtime nemeses Briana and Kail… that is, until now.

Briana DeJesus joins critics who mock Kail Lowry’s boyfriend’s appearance

Kail recently went public with her relationship, revealing her new boyfriend Elijah Scott’s identity. Now that Elijah’s face is recognizable to Teen Mom fans, he’s getting much more attention on social media.

Fan page @teenmomchatter_ on Instagram recently shared a side-by-side photo of Elijah next to Stephan Alexander of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant. Stephan is Kayla Sessler’s baby daddy and isn’t well-liked among Young + Pregnant fans.

Over the years, Young + Pregnant viewers have nicknamed Stephan “Broccoli Head.” Now, they’re referring to Elijah as “Broccoli Head 2.0.”

Teen Mom Chatter captioned their Instagram post, “People are calling Elijah ‘Broccoli Head 2.0’ ? y’all gotta stop that nonsense. And I mean RIGHT NOW! ?”

“LOL can’t nobody take Stephan’s place on the ugglee meter. Alexander starts with an A…. He’s always gonna be at the top of that list in alphabetical order. What do y’all think? He look like a 2.0 to y’all?” the caption concluded.

Briana receives support from Teen Mom 2 fans for mocking Elijah

Teen Mom viewers took to the comments section where many of them found the photo to be humorous and agreed that Elijah resembles Stephan.

One of the first comments on the post came from Briana, who simply responded with a crying-laughing emoji. Briana did receive some support for her comment.

briana dejesus comments with a crying-laughing emoji on an IG post calling elijah scott "broccoli head 2.0"
Pic credit: @teenmomchatter_/Instagram

One Teen Mom fan replied to Briana’s response, “@_brianadejesus lmao stop it ???? but I love it.”

Another responded, “@_brianadejesus should have known u would jump [in].”

Replying to one of Briana’s responders, Teen Mom Chatter added their two cents: “@_unapologetically.nic she’s laughing because that s**t is funny.. I don’t care who you are. You laughed too so don’t lie.?”

Briana’s mocking comes on the heels of her promising her fans that she would no longer speak negatively about her castmates. Following the first half of the Season 11 Teen Mom 2 reunion, it was evident how disconnected the cast had become.

Briana made a promise to her fans on Twitter that she wouldn’t bad-mouth her castmates anymore. “I remember during family reunion we made a [pact]. 1) if we are in each other’s city to reach out so we can meet up. 2) not to comment negatively on each other/stories 3) to stand up for each other,” she tweeted.

“I’m gonna continue to keep that promise. I’ll see you guys next season of TMFR,” Briana added.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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1 year ago

Briana is sick in her head. It is sad when you sleep two of Kaitlyn ex’s. Briana help with her mental illness. Because right now Briana need her ass kick. But she leak that she have damage information on Jade, Leah, Ashley, Amber, Cheyenne, Maxie,. Now Briana is look for a other lawsuits from any co-stars. Briana is try to fine a storyline. That is sad when Briana live in the past. Honey you need to get a life or you need mental help.