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Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus gets slammed for negotiating daughter Nova’s allowance

Briana and Nova DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Critics slammed Briana DeJesus for negotiating an allowance with her daughter, Nova. Pic credit: MTV

Critics came for Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus when she admitted to negotiating her daughter Nova’s allowance.

In a now-deleted tweet, Briana revealed that she asked her daughter, Nova, 9, to do her first-ever chore.

Briana posted on Twitter over the weekend, “Came home from work and Asked nova to load the dishwasher, she asked for 30 bucks ?”

She continued, “[W]e both agreed since it’s her first time doing it so I’ll give her 30 but after today it’s 10 bucks each time….. how I got bamboozled into paying her to do something ?”

Teen Mom 2 fans slammed Briana DeJesus

Teen Mom Chatter on Instagram shared Briana’s now-deleted tweet, and fans of the show discussed Briana’s choice to negotiate an allowance with Nova.

Teen Mom Chatter captioned the post and asked their followers, “Twitter came hard for #BrianaDejesus over a post where she negotiated and gave Nova a sign on bonus ? to start some chores so she deleted it. Do you believe in giving out an allowance and do you overpay your kid for them to do the job? Sometimes I do ?‍♀️ I pay for peace ?”

They added in the comments, “I think paying for chores is teaching responsibility. Adults work for pay to buy things that they want so how is it not teaching her anything?”

Other fans of the Teen Mom franchise weighed in and gave their opinions on Briana offering Nova such a hefty amount of money for her chores.

teen mom chatter on instagram discussed briana dejesus of teen mom 2 negotiating allowance with daughter nova
Teen Mom 2 fans discussed Briana negotiating an allowance with Nova. Pic credit: @teenmomchatter/Instagram

What was Briana teaching her daughter Nova?

Some fans of the show felt that Briana wasn’t teaching Nova anything by offering her $30 to unload the dishwasher.

“Well that defeats the purpose. Not teaching her anything,” commented another fan of Teen Mom 2.

Another critic of Briana wrote, “Damn! That’s a lot of money! But I guess if she makes a lot it’s not. ??‍♀️ Every family is different.”

briana dejesus of teen mom 2 negotiated allowance with daughter nova on instagram
Was Briana teaching Nova a lesson? Teen Mom 2 fans discussed. Pic credit: @teenmomchatter/Instagram

Nova’s parents struggle to get along

Briana shares her daughter Nova with baby daddy Devoin Austin. She also shares another daughter, Stella, 4, with baby daddy Luis Hernandez.

Briana and Devoin’s rocky history has played out for Teen Mom audiences since 2012 when she debuted her story on 16 and Pregnant.

Since then, the former couple has been at each other’s throats and have struggled to co-parent without issues. Briana has often pegged Devoin as a bad father, accusing him of not spending enough time with or money on Nova.

However, Devoin has made strides when it comes to bettering himself as a present father in Nova’s life — and in Briana’s other daughter Stella’s life, as well.

The exes started off on the right track when they faced each other at the Teen Mom 2 reunion. However, things took a turn quickly when money was brought up, and Devoin ended up leaving the stage.

Although Briana recently admitted that she “can’t stand Devoin,” she also said that he’s “not that bad.” Hopefully Briana and Devoin can continue to work on their relationship and find a way to peacefully co-parent.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.