Teen Mom 2: Bar Smith goes live on Instagram during painful tattoo removal on his face

Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2
Bar Smith continued his journey to have his face tattoos removed and shared the painful process on Instagram. Pic credit: MTV

In his quest to remove his face tattoos, Teen Mom 2 star Bariki Smith took his fans along for a live and up-close look at the painful process.

On Tuesday, August 24, Bar recorded a live video from the spa where he had the procedure performed.

Bar let his fans watch via his Instagram Reels, as he was zapped repeatedly with a laser above his eyebrows, where he is having his two tattoos removed.

Bar Smith shared his laser tattoo removal experience with fans

“2nd session done and in the bag! See you in 6 weeks @_egobeauty @jessikarn_ thank you again! Even though I almost die every time I come ??” Bar captioned his video.

Bar flinched and clenched his teeth from the pain, but withstood it like a champ, considering how painful laser tattoo removal is said to be.

Bar was very responsive to his followers, who had lots of questions and comments for him.

One of Bar’s followers commented and asked him, “Good decision ? ? from a 1 to 10 how much did it hurt?” and Bar didn’t sugarcoat his answer.

“@aubrielaw 15 ? for real” Bar replied.

Another one of Bar’s curious fans wanted to know how many more sessions he’ll need to have before his tattoos are no longer visible.

They asked, “How many sessions until it’s fully gone? Cause f**k that s**t look painful ??”

Bar revealed that he’ll need at least four more sessions, in addition to the two he’s already undergone.

“@traquanlee I got [at least] another 4 bruh ??” Bar replied.

The meaning of Bar’s eyebrow tattoos

Bar got the tattoos — one that reads “Norm” and the other that reads “YR474” — in honor of his friend, rapper Young Rell, who died in 2019, and his brother Norm, who also died.

During an episode of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, Bar explained the meaning behind his tattoos before going in to have them inked.

bar smith answered fan questions about his laster tattoo removal on instagram
Bar, who was arrested for willful discharge of a firearm this past spring, said tattoo laser removal is a 15 on a scale of one to 10. Pic credit: @barbadbreed/Instagram

“I’m getting YR474 and then on this side, I’m getting Norm. YR stands for Young Rell, that’s my brother that passed away, 474 is the jurisdiction I’m from, it’s my district. And then Norm is for my brother that passed away,” Bar explained.

In May 2021, Bar announced that he was going to be having his face tattoos removed.

Bar said in his Instagram Stories at the time, “Where the tattoo removal places at? I’m sad to say, but I think it’s time, It was a good time not a long time.”

bar smith answered fan questions about his laser tattoo removal on instagram
Bar said he has at least four more sessions to go. Pic credit: @barbadbreed/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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