Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones explains why she was frustrated at production in latest episode

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones dishes on why she was mad at production. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones has been very vocal about her and Bar’s relationship from their time on the Teen Mom Family Reunion to the current season of Teen Mom 2.

While they both have had their share of trouble individually, and within their relationship, it truly seems like they have gotten back on track with the help of Dr. Bryant on the reunion show based on the communication they have had with one another.

However, as this season of Teen Mom 2 has been airing, viewers have seen both Ashley and Bar get upset at producers for asking so many questions about their relationship.

In fact, a couple of episodes ago, viewers watched as Ashley went off on the production and sped off from painting with her mom and sister.

Ashley Jones was asked about her frustration at Teen Mom 2 producers recently

Recently, Ashley was asked, “Why do you and bar get so angry at production for filming your reality?”

Ashley responded, “It’s not that we get upset. I just feel like there is so much more to me and I wanna showcase that as well. I’ve always been transparent about what bar and I have gone through. But I’m growing and I wanna share that as well.”

Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

As viewers have watched the current season, Ashley has gotten heated at the production crew because all they have seemed to press her on has been how she and Bar are doing.

They have asked if they are getting along better, if she and Bar are going to separate, are they going to continue to live together and co-parent Holly, and whether she will divorce Bar. As this has happened, Ashley got upset because there is more to her than her and Bar, as she has stated on the show.

She has been proud of her achievements with her salon and being a mom to Holly, and how she has grown, matured, and worked on herself as well.

How have Bar and Ashley been doing more recently?

Viewers also watched Ashley and Bar communicate that they needed to do some kind of couples therapy, but Bar’s court date had been hanging over their heads. Ashley was stressed about it, and she didn’t want to make plans, not knowing where Bar would be.

However, it seems that Bar and Ashley’s communication with one another has helped them progress, and both have shared that they want to stay married and they love each other a lot.

Moreover, according to Ashley’s recent Instagram posts, the two are doing better than ever and are, in fact, together and in love and recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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