Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones claps back at comments that she parties too much for a mom

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones refuses to stop partying just because she's a mom
Ashley Jones claps back at comments about her partying. Pic credit:@Ashleysiren/YouTube

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones is not happy with the negative comments about her partying ways. She just clapped back at the trolls who want her to spend 24/7 with her daughter.

The young mom has been posting photos on social media of different outings with her friends, but apparently, people have an issue with that. 

A few trolls have bashed the 24-year-old for partying simply because she’s a mom but Ashley wants them to know that being a mom is not her only title in life. 

Ashley Jones claps back at comments about her partying 

The Teen Mom 2 star took to her Instagram Story to share a message for the trolls who want her to stay home and take care of her child.

Ashley made it clear that she is more than just a mom and she has every intention of enjoying her life. She also encouraged other mothers to do the same.

“I just want to get here encourage all moms to live their best f**king life…” said Ashley in her video. “Put on that little a** tiny shirt, put on them tight jeans, put on them heels and step, okay? step.”

The MTV star continued, “Stop letting people make you feel bad for having a personality outside of mom…I have an identity outside of being a mom and I can be whoever the f**k I wanna be, long as my kid is taken care of and my kid is, so case in point, bi**h I’ll see you at the club on Saturday.”

Ashley Jones says she’s going to live her life

The Teen Mom 2 star is the mother of 3-year-old Holly, who she shares with fiance Bariki Smith. The young couple gets their fair share of backlash about their relationship, their personal lives, and their parenting — much like the other cast members on the show.

However, while some of the other Teen Mom 2 stars ignore the nasty comments and criticisms, Ashley has no problem putting the trolls in their place with a proper clap back.

During her recent video, she also had a message for other young moms.

“Can I just add that I feel like young mothers– especially [those] who don’t take the time to and set the time to be young and to be a parent are bitter in the future,” said Ashley.

Ashley called out the mothers who like to remind their kids later on in life that “‘Oh I gave up my young years for you, I couldn’t do nothing, I didn’t do nothing cause I had you,’ Babe, I’m not going to be that, I’m not going to be her, I’m going to live me!”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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