Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones claps back after being mocked for saying she was raised wealthy

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones claps back at trolls on social media
Ashley Jones claps back after being mocked for saying she grew up wealthy. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones is responding to naysayers who disbelieved her comments last night about having a privileged upbringing. During Part 2 of the reunion, Ashley shared some insight into her life as a child and confessed that she was actually raised wealthy.

However, some Teen Mom 2 viewers didn’t believe her story and tried to mock her on social media, but Ashley clapped back at some of the trolls early this morning and let it be known that she’s sticking by her story!

Ashley Jones gets mocked for ‘privileged’ comment

Teen Mom 2 viewers had a lot to say after Ashley’s appearance on Part 2 of the reunion. Some commenters on Twitter called Ashley out for saying she grew up privileged and some even brought up her stripper past.

Ashley was a bit much on the reunion. Especially the I was privileged comment,” wrote one user.

“So Ashley never experienced racism ’cause her family was “wealthy?… Girlie is delusional.” wrote someone else.

Twitter user talks about Ashley Jones
Pic credit:@MSBerryBicth/Twitter

However, the MTV star had plenty of time this morning and she responded to some of the naysayers on Twitter after seeing the rude comments.

The 24-year-old clapped back at one Twitter user who wrote, “This wealth Ashley speaks of must be on her daddy side…bc we haven’t seen it…and an all-white school doesn’t = wealthy.”

“Y’all so mad that I wasn’t raised poor,” responded Ashley, while adding two laughing emojis. “My grandparents are extremely wealthy unfortunately due to my decisions to be on tm they have chosen not to deal w me anymore.”

Ashley Jones claps back at naysayers

The Teen Mom 2 star responded to several haters on Twitter this morning and she’s doubling down on her comments about growing up privileged.

One Twitter commenter felt the need to explain why viewers didn’t believe Ashley’s story about being wealthy and wrote, “When u say you were raised wealthy but used to be a stripper & you nor your parent’s house gives wealthy vibes the people have questions.”

“I was raised mainly by my grandparents,” responded the reality TV personality. “My grandfather is in the educational hall of fame and my grandmother was the first African American woman to work in major league sports. So yes, I was raised extremely wealthy.”

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones claps back at naysayers
Pic credit:@_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

Before ending her clapbacks, Ashley had one last word for the haters on social media. “Y’all love to downplay me but praise the b***hes doing the bare minimum,” she wrote.

Twitter user talks about Ashley Jones
Pic credit:@_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

Should Ashley Jones have responded to the trolls, or should she have stayed quiet on this one?

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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