Teen Mom 2 alums Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast wins two People’s Choice awards

BMND podcast co-hosts Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera
Kail and Vee’s podcast won two People’s Choice Awards. Pic credit: © and @veeautifyme/Instagram

Former Teen Mom 2 co-stars-turned Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-hosts Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera snagged two People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

Kail and Vee (full name Vetzabe) admittedly had a tumultuous start to their relationship.

Per the duo’s Baby Mamas No Drama website, the former sworn enemies “had a rocky start – from hating each other to co-parenting.”

When Kail and her ex/baby daddy Jo Rivera joined the Teen Mom franchise, Vee and Jo’s relationship was beginning to get serious. Kail and Jo’s teenage romance didn’t last, but Jo and Vee eventually married and share their 6-year-old daughter Velisse (Vivi).

Eventually, Kail and Vee were able to work through their differences and launched their podcast in September 2020.

The unlikely co-parenting duo has earned two awards for their podcasting work.

Vee Rivera celebrates her and Kail Lowry’s podcast awards wins

Vee posted a celebratory video to her Instagram over the weekend acknowledging her and Kail’s success. She captioned her post, “WORDS COULD NEVER DESCRIBE THIS FEELING!”

In the video, Vee shared footage of the live moment in which she and her family discovered the exciting news. Vee and her family squealed with excitement as her and Kail’s podcast was named, bringing Vee to tears at one point before she joined her family in an impromptu kitchen dance session.

Baby Mamas No Drama won two awards: one in the People’s Choice Entertainment Category and another in The Adam Curry People’s Choice Award category.

Many of Vee’s IG followers took to the comments section of her post to congratulate her and Kail on their victory.

Teen Mom 2 fans show their support for Vee and Kail

One of Vee’s fans shared their emotional reaction to the news: “Wow? congratulations ladies i can feel your excitement thru my screen you made me cry lol… It was your idea to start this podcast and look at y’all now! Cheers ? on that ladies. Listening since day 1 congratulations again ??? continue thriving Bellas.”

More congratulatory comments flooded Vee’s post, with another fan writing, “So happy for you ladies! So deserving ?”

vee rivera's IG followers congratulate her and kail lowry on their podcast awards wins
Pic credit: @veeautifyme/Instagram

“I gotta say, I’m not a big podcast person but I do listen to you guys weekly,” read another fan’s comment.

For her part, Kail took to her Instagram Stories to share screenshots from her friend and podcast assistant, Kristen Correia’s Stories, depicting the wins.

kail lowry shares bmnd podcast award win news in her IG stories
Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kail and Vee’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast airs every Tuesday, where they cover just about every topic, ranging from “motherhood, co-parenting, reality tv, mental health, and sex.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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