Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry explains why she doesn’t post much on social media these days

Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry
Kail has been laying low on social media and explained why to her fans. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry took some time to explain to her fans why she’s been mostly absent from social media lately.

Since cutting ties with MTV and deciding to no longer film for the Teen Mom franchise, Kail has been sharing details of her personal life with fans on her own terms.

Kail has been open with her fans about her recent bout with depression, which has affected every aspect of her life. She often talks about it on her three podcasts, Barely Famous, Coffee Convos, and Baby Mamas No Drama.

Kail Lowry explains her recent social media absence

After her followers noticed that she’s been rather quiet lately on social media, they asked her why and she explained.

Kail hosted a Q&A in her Instagram Stories on July 11 and fielded some questions from her followers.

A couple of Kail’s fans were curious about her absence on social media and asked, “Why don’t you post much anymore?”

Kail answered: “Depression hit me so hard in so many ways & social media is one of them.”

In another Story slide, Kail received a question from a curious fan who asked the 30-year-old mom of four about her recent weight struggles.

“How do you handle weight gain as an adult?” they asked. “I am about 50lbs heavier than I used to be..”

Once again, Kail brought up social media in her answer. Sharing a pic of herself while pregnant with her firstborn child, 12-year-old son Isaac, Kail replied, “Ugh. I absolutely hate it. But I swear I’m going to get it together this year. I don’t even post pix on socials often bc I hate how big I am now.”

Kail has been open with Teen Mom 2 fans about her weight loss struggles

Kail has told her podcast listeners that one reason for her weight loss struggles is her medication. She began taking an antidepressant, which can often cause weight gain, or contribute to behaviors that might.

The podcast network owner and host told her fans that she wanted to be a “little slimmer” for her 30th birthday, which she celebrated in March of this year. Although she attempted to start a regular workout routine, she hasn’t been able to stick with one.

And although Kail may not always show it, she has admitted that her weight is a sensitive topic, especially when others are making fun of her for it.

Kail admitted last year during an episode of Coffee Convos that hurtful remarks about her weight get to her: “The comments that I get about my weight on social media and being on the show has been the hardest part for me … And so when people comment and they’re like pig, cow, this that and the third, I’m like, well, f**k. Something is wrong.”

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