Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans dishes on her mental health and losing weight

Jenelle Evans IG selfie
Jenelle dished on unintentionally losing weight and the state of her mental health. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has struggled with a myriad of ailments over the past few years.

Among the health issues she’s claimed to be battling, Jenelle suffers from a neck-popping issue resulting from a cyst on her spinal cord, known as syringomyelia.

She’s also undergone many tests for the neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis and esophageal spasms and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Now, the former MTV star is opening up about her health again, both physically and mentally.

The 30-year-old mom of three answered her Instagram followers’ burning questions in a recent Q&A in her Stories.

One question from one of her 3.1 million fans and followers asked her if she’s lost weight recently, noting that she looks “[really] slim.”

Jenelle Evans opens up about current physical and mental health issues

As it turns out, Jenelle is experiencing issues with her esophagus again, noting that it has been “acting up a lot” and that it’s been “hard to eat,” possibly a cause of her recent unintentional weight loss.

“Thanks!” Jenelle responded, adding, “But honestly I haven’t been trying and my doc is concerned lol.”

Regarding her mental health, Jenelle revealed that it “could be better…” and elaborated a bit on why.

Jenelle Evans' Instagram Story slides
Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

“I just want my family complete. Think about it everyday. And I think I want to move,” Jenelle revealed.

Jenelle signed over custody of son Jace to mom Barbara Evans on Teen Mom 2

Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, was awarded custody of her firstborn child, her 13-year-old son Jace. During her early years on Teen Mom 2, viewers watched as Jenelle signed over custody of Jace to her mom.

Recently, Jenelle got choked up while telling her TikTok followers that she believes Jace should be living with her rather than Barbara, noting that the topic “really hurts” her.

Last year, Jenelle opened up about signing over custody of Jace to Barbara in 2010. She claimed that it had “nothing to do with” being on drugs and everything to do with being a “fearful little girl.” Jenelle was just 17 at the time and feared that she would lose if she fought her mom for custody of Jace.

Barbara still retains full custody of Jace, with Jenelle granted visitation. The mother-daughter duo has struggled to maintain an amicable relationship, fluctuating between getting along and being at each other’s throats, much like Teen Mom 2 viewers watched during their time on the show.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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