Teen Mom 2 alum Javi Marroquin under fire for his latest tattoo

Teen Mom 2 alum Javi Marroquin and son Eli
Javi’s latest tattoo of his son Eli wasn’t well-received by a lot of Teen Mom 2 fans. Pic credit: @javim9/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 alum Javi Marroquin was proud to show off his new ink, but his critics are not impressed.

Javi become known to Teen Mom 2 viewers during his time on the show when he was in a relationship with his now-ex-wife, Kail Lowry, with whom he shares 8-year-old son Lincoln.

Although Teen Mom 2 has come to an end, Javi still shares his personal life with fans on social media, where he has amassed 1.7 million followers.

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Javi Marroquin gets portrait tattoo of son Eli on his chest

Over the weekend, Javi got a fresh chest tattoo which he shared in a Reel to Instagram. The chest piece is a portrait of his youngest son, Eli, 3, whom he shares with his second baby mama, Lauren Comeau.

Javi advertised the tattoo shop where he had his work done, touting their numbing cream after citing his fear of pain. “I’ve always wanted a chest piece, but I knew I didn’t want to sit through the pain,” his caption read in part.

However, it was the finished artwork that caught the attention of Javi’s critics. Many felt the tattoo wasn’t up to par and felt the artwork skewed Eli’s appearance.

Some disgruntled Teen Mom 2 fans took to Reddit to discuss Javi’s latest ink in a post simply titled “Javis tattoo of Eli.”

Teen Mom 2 fans are not impressed with Javi’s new ink

One of Javi’s critics found fault in his chest piece due to their dislike of portrait tattoos: “To each their own but I just personally dislike getting portraits of children on your body. Like I just imagine how awkward sex is when you are with a guy and have a picture of a kid staring back at you ?.”

Another Redditor was less than impressed with the tattoo artist’s skill and felt they did Eli dirty with their artwork. “Dear God,” the comment began. “This poor boy (who is so cute) looks like he has rotten teeth and is in the early stages of decomposition.”

teen mom 2 fans on reddit comment on javi marroquin's portrait chest tattoo of his son eli
Pic credit: u/OriginalF**kGirl/Reddit

Another critic felt Javi should have gotten the work for free, given how it turned out, and commented, “I hope he didn’t pay for that tat. ?”

“That’s not Eli that’s simple Jack,” read another comment on the post.

Although Eli’s parents are no longer together, Javi and Lauren recently sparked rumors of a romantic reconciliation when the exes were spotted together at an NBA playoff game along with their son.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and slated to premiere in the near future.

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