Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska admits getting lip filler ‘warms her heart’

Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2
Chelsea took her fans along to her Botox and filler appointment. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska’s fans have long wondered whether the Teen Mom 2 alum had any cosmetic work done to her face. Now, not only does she admit to having work done, but she says it “warms her heart.”

Since her time on MTV, Chelsea has experimented with changing up her look.

Once sporting her signature red hair on Teen Mom 2, the mom of four decided to trade in her auburn locks for a new dark brown shade.

Not only has Chelsea changed her hair color, but she’s also made some alterations to her face in the form of Botox and fillers.

Chelsea took to her Instagram Stories this week to share some videos of herself headed to the injector’s office to refresh her look.

The former Teen Mom 2 star shared that it was freezing cold and snowy in her home state of South Dakota.

Chelsea Houska admits to Botox and lip filler in recent video

“But you know what warms me up? Warms up my little heart? Getting my lips plumped up for the holidays, so we’re gonna go do that real quick,” Chelsea told her 6.6 million IG followers.

In her next slide, Chelsea filmed from inside the injector’s office. She informed her fans that she had already gotten her Botox “touch-up” injections and had numbing cream on her lips while she waited for it to take effect before getting Restylane lip filler.

“It’s just a touch-up, so just like a little bit, right, cuz I don’t wanna go crazy,” Chelsea said of how much filler she was having injected before making a kissy face for the camera.

Following her appointment, Chelsea filmed from home, sharing the finished look with her followers.

Chelsea pointed out that she didn’t have any bruising from the injections and just wanted to refresh her upper lip.

The wife to Cole DeBoer also said she got Botox injections in her jaw for the first time. As someone who clenches her teeth from stress and anxiety, Chelsea said she’s excited to see how much Botox helps with the issue.

As far as the finished results, Chelsea said, “I love ’em.”

Chelsea has come under fire by Teen Mom 2 critics for her altered appearance

Chelsea has remained somewhat vague regarding what work she has done to her face. She shot down rumors that her dad, Dr. Randy Houska, a dentist, gave her lip injections. “He did not. So, just so that’s clear,” she told her fans during an IG Story.

Although she denied her dad giving her lip filler, she has never confirmed getting injections until now. Chelsea has been accused of having plastic surgery, which she also denied.

However, Teen Mom 2 fans have speculated that Chelsea has been going under the needle for some time now, given her changed appearance in recent months. A video of Chelsea in December 2021 had critics saying she looked alarmingly swollen.

Chelsea has also come under fire for overdoing her lip filler injections, something her critics feel has aged the former MTV star.

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