Teddi Wright pokes fun at Rachel Recchia losing her voice during hometowns 

Rachel Recchia
Rachel Recchia lost her voice during her hometown date with Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Recchia had some unfortunate timing during her hometown date with Clayton Echard because she happened to lose her voice prior to his visit. 

Rachel went the whole date communicating with her voice at half-strength and some viewers became curious as to how exactly the frontrunner lost her voice. 

Fans weren’t the only ones confused by Rachel’s voice, as The Bachelor Season 26 star Teddi Wright also jumped into the conversation with questions of her own. 

Rachel Recchia sympathizes with viewers who had to hear her raspy voice 

Clayton Echard had an opportunity to meet the families of each woman in his final four and spend some time in the ladies’ home states. 

By the time Clayton got to Rachel’s date she had lost her voice and could barely talk.

This resulted in Rachel speaking in a raspy whisper tone for the entirety of her time with Clayton and her family. 

After the episode aired, Rachel took to her Instagram stories to joke about how her depleted voice was not the most pleasant to listen to. 

Rachel shared a photo of herself looking comfy in bed as she smiled at the camera with tissue in both her nostrils. 

Rachel wrote over the photo, “if you hear me talk tonight you deserve financial compensation.”

Rachel Recchia Instagram story
Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/Instagram

Teddi Wright jokes Rachel Recchia had been conserving her voice all season 

Throughout this season of The Bachelor, Rachel often had a pattern of whispering when speaking with Clayton. A Bachelor fan account tweeted about Rachel’s voice as they questioned how someone who had shown to be as soft-spoken as Rachel could lose their voice. 

The tweet read, “HOW did Rachel lose her voice? She’s been whispering on every episode.” 

Rachel’s The Bachelor Season 26 costar Teddi Wright caught wind of this tweet and shared it to her Instagram stories as she tagged Rachel and echoed the confusion.

In small white print, Teddi wrote, “HAHAHAH wait @pilot.rachel true…I feel like you’ve been conserving your voice all season how did this happen??” 

Teddi Wright Instagram story
Pic credit: @teddiwright/Instagram

Rachel reacted to Teddi’s teasing as she shared Teddi’s question to her Instagram story and simply wrote, “@teddiwright my biggest hater.” 

Rachel Recchia Instagram story
Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/Instagram

Teddi and Rachel have clearly established a friendship with light-hearted banter, and hopefully, Rachel’s regular voice will be back by the time of fantasy suites next week. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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