Teddi Wright and Rachel Recchia were about to become roommates – What happened?

Teddi Wright & Rachel Recchia
Teddi and Rachel were all set to be roommates before something happened. Pic credit: ABC

During this past season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard, fan-favorites Rachel Recchia and Teddi Wright really hit it off.

They became such fast friends that they decided after the whole process and journey were over, they were going to move in together as roommates. Teddi has been a great support system for Rachel as the show has aired back, and Rachel has had to lean on her family and friends throughout the process.

Why are Rachel and Teddi no longer going to be roommates?

However, those plans quickly changed after last Tuesday’s finale and After The Final Rose episode, where Rachel and fellow runner-up, Gabby Windey, were named as co-Bachelorettes for the upcoming season.

Now that Rachel is starting her journey as a new Bachelorette to find the real love of her life, she won’t need a place to stay for now or forever, depending on whether she finds her partner for life.

Teddi took to her Instagram page to make a post about this and added some pictures of her and Rachel to show just how much fun they have together.

She captioned her post with, “When we were JUST about to become roomies but instead she’s gonna go find the love of her life!! #thebachelorette (diamond ring emoji).”

Teddi went on to state, “So so proud of you rachy. Watching you handle this behind the scenes the past few months has made me even more proud to be your best friend.. Now go find your husband!! Cheering you on forever. (red heart emoji).”

Rachel herself was the first to respond to Teddi’s sweet Instagram post, as she commented back twice. She first said, “not me crying at 9 am” and then posted again, “I love you more than words can express and i’m so happy you’re stuck with me for life.”

Pic credit: @teddiwright/Instagram

How did Rachel react to Clayton on After The Final Rose?

Clayton dumped Rachel at the same exact time that he broke up with Gabby. While in the hot seat with Clayton at the After The Final Rose segment, Rachel was blunt and direct with Clayton.

She told him that she didn’t believe he truly ever loved her, and she proceeded to ask him if he just told her he loved her to sleep with her. When Clayton denied her words, she straight up told him she didn’t believe him.

Clayton ended up with Susie, not in Iceland, but after when she reached out to him through his DMs. Then, Rachel and Gabby were named the very first co-Bachelorettes for the next season of The Bachelorette, which will air this coming July.

There has been talk that fans might see Teddi in Paradise this summer, so maybe by the end of summer, both Teddi and Rachel could have found love.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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