Teddi Wright and friends photographed lying in the road during party night

Teddi Wright
Teddi Wright goes to urgent care. Pic credit: @teddiwright/Instagram

Teddi Wright was a fan favorite throughout Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

This was why Teddi’s elimination shook Bachelor Nation so much because they never expected it as early as it happened.

Despite being sent home, Teddi has since picked up the pieces as a social media influencer and posts photos and videos of herself and her friends.

From her stint on The Bachelor, Teddi also gained some treasured and long-lasting friendships, including the current co-Bachelorettes of this season.

While Gabby was unable to join the group of former contestants from Season 26 on their friend trip in Charleston, South Carolina, she did tune in via FaceTime and social media to live vicariously through her friends.

Teddi recently released some photos from the trip, including the first picture showing the girls lying in the middle of the street.

Teddi Wright and friends lay on their backs in the middle of the road at night

During their party night, Teddi, Rachel Recchia, Genevieve Parisi, Jill Chin, and Hunter Haag took photos and videos together, laughing, drinking, eating, and making memories.

One of these memories included lying down in the middle of the street in their going-out dresses and heels.

In fact, they laid flat on their backs as they looked up to the sky in front of a building called the Riviera, which is actually where a scene of The Notebook was filmed.

Teddi captioned her photo by saying, “what a trip!”

Bachelor Nation responded to Teddi Wright’s photo

Rachel began the discussion in the comment section of the first photo with the girls lying in the middle of the road. She typed the question that she had asked Teddi at the moment they decided to have their picture taken like that, “what happens if a car comes?”

Teddi responded to Rachel’s post with the exact words she told Rachel that night which were, “@pilot.rachel ‘we die.’”

Another person asked, “Did you group slow dance in the street as well [heart-faced emoji].”

Teddi again responded, “@thebeverlyhillspa I was too scared of getting hit by a car [two laughing/crying face emojis].”

Rachel and another fan question laying down in the road.
Pic credit: @teddiwright/Instagram

While another fan claimed that the exact spot looked like something straight out of The Notebook, Teddi answered, “@nykkiiiii that’s exactly where that film was scened!! [heart-faced emoji].”

Another fan stated how the spot they were at looked like a scene straight from The Notebook.
Pic credit: @teddiwright/Instagram

The girls documented so many minutes of the time they spent together in Charleston, talking, laughing, crying, dancing, etc. While none of them were chosen by Clayton in the end, they sure fared well in the friend department.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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