Tayshia on Bachelor In Paradise: Who does she want to date?

Tayshia isn’t sold on John Paul Jones. Pic credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tayshia Adams is on Bachelor In Paradise in hopes of finding her future husband. And while she may not feel a strong connection with someone, in particular, it appears she has plenty of suitors to pick from if she really wanted a husband.

From the beginning, John Paul Jones has been dedicated to Tayshia. He really wants her and he’s been open about that. So when Tayshia suggested he go on new dates to explore options, he was disappointed in her desire to see him date other people. But he didn’t hold back.

While John Paul Jones was hailed as a savage for having connections with three separate women on Bachelor In Paradise, Tayshia was shamed on Twitter for letting him go.

But it seems that Tayshia had a plan all along. After Demi Burnett dumped Derek for her at-home girlfriend, Derek was devastated. But Tayshia was ready to move in and pursue Derek, as he tried to heal from the betrayal.

Despite not seeing a potential future with John Paul Jones, fans are still hoping that Tayshia will find love with someone in paradise. As one person wrote on Twitter, Tayshia has a beautiful, powerful, and positive energy. She also has the confidence to go for what she wants.

Even though Tayshia’s plan may seem straightforward, there’s plenty of potential drama beneath the surface. It’s a chain reaction of feelings. Tahzjuan likes John Paul Jones, who is hooked on Tayshia. Tayshia wants to pursue Derek, who is heartbroken over losing Demi to another woman.

Hopefully, Tayshia will find love while she’s still in paradise. If not, it sounds like John Paul Jones will wait for her until she’s ready to date him.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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