Tayshia Adams will not host the ATFR special due to COVID-19

Tayshia Adams in a white tank
Tayshia Adams will be a no-show during the live ATFR special. Pic credit: ABC

It looks like Kaitlyn Bristowe will be hosting the After the Final Rose special solo as Tayshia Adams is no longer able to attend.

Just hours before the live special airs, Tayshia revealed she will not be hosting the big event due to reasons related to COVID-19.

Tayshia Adams explains why she’ll be absent from ATFR 

As the pandemic marches on, COVID-19 outbreaks, unfortunately, continue to spread and impact people all over, especially in populace places like New York. 

Residing in NYC, Tayshia took to Instagram to share a video detailing how COVID-19 is playing a part in why she won’t be hosting during the ATFR special. 

Wearing a cozy lime green jacket, Tayshia shared, “Tonight is the finale for Michelle’s season. I do look a little bit too casual to be walking out there tonight, but it’s just because – as you guys may know – it’s a little crazy here in New York, and I was recently exposed [to COVID-19], so just as an abundance of caution for Michelle to have her night, as well as Kaitlyn, all the crew, to produce this live finale tonight, I will not be there in person.”

Tayshia didn’t specify if she contracted COVID-19 or if she’s experiencing common COVID-19 symptoms, but she will be staying away from Michelle, Kaitlyn, and all those involved in ATFR for safety since she’s recently been exposed to the virus in some capacity. 

Tayshia teases a crazy and emotional finale 

While Tayshia won’t be there in person to aid along with the discussions during the live special, she made it clear she will still be tuning in. 

Tayshia expressed that just because she won’t be hosting “does not mean that I will not be tuning in, popping my popcorn, enjoying it all, cuz I’m telling you right now, I was there in person for the finale. And it’s one you do not want to miss. I’ll be having my tissues, I’ll be having my popcorn, and possibly a glass of wine. It’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy. But you’re going to wanna watch it.” 

With Kaitlyn on her own to host ATFR for the first time, Tayshia offered words of encouragement letting Kaitlyn know she supports and believes in her ability to take on the hosting duties.

Kaitlyn has been vocal about how nervous she’s feeling ahead of hosting the live special. 

Kaitlyn took to her Instagram stories to vulnerably admit, “Live television scares the poop out of me. I mean I’ve danced on live television before but, like, I’m having major imposter syndrome, and [I’m] wondering if someone’s going to call the fraud police to pick me up and take me away from this job because it’s too good to be true.”

Tune in tonight for the three-hour conclusion to Michelle’s journey on The Bachelorette and to see how Kaitlyn does as the solo host of ATFR. 

The Bachelorette finale airs Tuesday, December 21 at 8/7c on ABC.

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