Tarik Myers still isn’t talking to ‘backstabbing’ brother Dean Hashim

90 Day Fiance's Tarik Myers is still feuding with his brother, Dean Hashim.
Tarik Myers reveals he is still at odds with his brother, Dean Hashim. Pic credit: TLC

Tarik Myers may have finally gotten things back on track with his wife, Hazel. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about his relationship with his brother, Dean Hashim.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance first met Tarik during Season 2 of Before the 90 Days. His brother made an appearance on the show and instantly became popular with viewers. So much so, that he joined Tarik on the spinoff show, Pillow Talk.

The brothers were fan favorites on Pillow Talk thanks to their playful banter and witty commentary. Sadly, their time on the show was short-lived and a feud between the two began. It’s been well over a year since their fallout, and it doesn’t look like the brothers are any closer to reconciliation.

Tarik explains what happened with Dean

Tarik recently gave an update on his relationship with his brother on the Domenick Nati Show. Domenick kicked off the conversation by asking Tarik if he was currently speaking to Dean.

In response, Tarik said, “No.” He said the last time the two had spoken was when they filmed 90 Day Bares All, which premiered in early 2021.

Domenick asked Tarik to explain what happened between the brothers that had prevented them from talking for over a year.

Tarik replied, “He got two minutes of fame on Pillow Talk, right, and then he tried to stab me in the back. So, the truth is, he tried to get me fired from Pillow Talk so he could be on the show himself, alone.”

Tarik explained that Dean went behind his back to speak with producers about giving him more time on the show. Tarik said Dean told producers he would quit unless he could do the show without his brother.

This created the rift between them, and Tarik made the decision to stop speaking to Dean.

Can Tarik and Dean repair their relationship?

Tarik says the incident with his brother caught him by surprise and was totally unexpected. He enjoyed doing Pillow Talk with Dean and knew they had something special on screen.

He says at one point he did reach out to Dean multiple times, but Dean rejected his attempts. Tarik says Dean never wanted to talk about the issue until the network called, which led them to film an episode of 90 Day Bares All.

Tarik says Dean is the one who quit the show because he didn’t get his way. Once he quit, the network also let Tarik go since they were signed on as a duo.

Since their time on Pillow Talk, Tarik married his long-time girlfriend, Hazel. The two are now working to bring her son to America with them. Dean has also gotten married and had a baby with his wife, Rigin. It doesn’t seem that either brother is interested in repairing their relationship anytime soon.

90 Day Fiance airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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