Tanya Sam on RHOA has a high net worth and here’s how she made her money

Tanya Sam
Tanya Sam appears on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Pic credit: @itstanyatime/Instagram

During the latest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Tanya Sam appears on the show as a friend of NeNe Leakes. While her exact net worth is unknown, she is certainly doing well for herself.

How did she make her money? Tanya describes herself on her personal website as a “tech-savvy businesswoman”, and she is just that. She works as the Director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs, a technology startup hub that also focuses on investing.

The website boasts that the company has invested in over 30 companies and has raised over $300 million. That has resulted in over $100 million in revenue.

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NeNe called Tanya one of her best customers at her clothing store and the two even share the same birthday.

Little else was revealed about Sam during her debut appearance on the show. She seemed to get along great with the ladies, but she didn’t talk about her private life or her career. So to find out more about her, we had to do some digging.

With a job as a director in a million-dollar company and her business accelerator for female entrepreneurs, she obviously has a very healthy net worth.

It’d be difficult for us to guess on what exactly she has in her name, as property ownership, ownership in companies, stocks, pay from The Real Housewives of Atlanta appearances, and inheritance will all influence her overall net worth.

Her website reveals that she’s also passionate about helping women and minorities find success, so she co-founded BuiltxWomen, which is the business accelerator.

She also reveals that she leads the Ascend 2020, which she defines as a pre-accelerator program for female entrepreneurs. Sam also works with non-profits, serving on the Board of Directors for Kate’s Club, a charity that empowers children who have lost parents or siblings. Tanya Sam herself lost her mom at the age of 12.

Even though Tanya Sam is born in Toronto, Canada, she’s currently living in Atlanta, where she resides with her partner, Dr. Paul Judge. He works as a technology entrepreneur and investor, so the pair work in the same space.

Even though Sam is working in the tech industry now, she actually worked as a nurse for years in Toronto, New York, and Atlanta.

A source told Page Six when she joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta that she wanted to expand the housewife image in the city, as well as “stamp out her identity as a successful woman of color and owner/investor in successful multimillion-dollar enterprises”.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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