Tania Maduro is ‘present’ in pink bikini and clapping back at critics

Tania Maduro
Tania Maduro did not stand for hate on a recent post. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum Tania Maduro loves to show off that she lives her best life. With that, and her 90 Day fame, comes haters, which Tania likes to call out in the comments of her posts.

This time around, Tania shared a short video geotagged as “A place where you can be free & #LiveUnfiltered.”

In the video, Tania was covered in mud and lying on rocks next to a stream.

The 32-year-old Connecticut native was wearing high-waisted pink bikini bottoms with a multicolored bikini top and had pink flowers all over her body and in her hair.

Over the video, a voice was saying, “Do you have a place where you can go where you feel completely free? A place where you can just be and be present. This is my place. Welcome to my world.”

In her caption, Tania noted, “Welcome to my world. Inside a lush tropical forest. Release. Receive. Protect.”

While the comments section of Tania’s post was filled with fans and supporters, a few of her critics landed there to give their rude commentary, which Tania did not stand for.

Tania Maduro called out 90 Day Fiance critics on her post

One person in Tania’s comments asked, “You lost the shed!?” referring to the shed she and her ex-husband Syngin Colchester shared on 90 Day Fiance when they lived in the back of her mom’s house.

Tania clapped back, “was in the shed for 3 months 3.5 [years] ago… [you’re] still stuck on that?”

The commenter, whether sarcastic or speaking truthfully, said, “I didn’t realize so much time has past… I’m glad you’re out of the shed, living your best life, covered in mud, on a rock, in a jungle.”

Tania Maduro's Instagram comments
Pic credit: @tania.maduro/Instagram

Another, more aggressively mean troll wrote, “No sir Tania put some clothes on ??? you have a beautiful face but your body doesn’t match your body lol ? ? ? ? ? ?.”

Tania penned back, “I feel bad for the people who hide behind their online acct to try and put others down. Sorry this is where your life brought you. I’ll be restricting your account now. No need for anyone to keep seeing your sad, trying to be demeaning or rude comments.”

Tania Maduro's Instagram comments
Pic credit: @tania.maduro/Instagram

Tania Maduro is a 90 Day Fiance franchise alum

90 Day Fiance viewers have seen Tania on their TV screens for years now since she was originally on Season 7 of the flagship show with Syngin.

The pair went on to be cast members on Season 5 of Happily Ever After? and also appeared on the spinoffs 90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Diaries, Foody Call, and Love Games.

Syngin was also a cast member on Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life, where his official split from Tania was highlighted along with his subsequent foray back into dating.

Tania was then cast on Season 3 of The Single Life, where her fun times and dating life in Aruba were the focus.

Since then, Syngin has a new girlfriend with whom he’s serious, and Tania is still single and focusing on promoting her Life With Tania brand and traveling.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.