Tania Maduro calls out a troll with a funny message

Tania Maduro.
Tania Maduro showed that she has a thick skin against trolls. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum Tania Maduro is no stranger to critics and haters, but she likes to prove that she takes negativity in jest.

In a recent Instagram post, Tania addressed a particularly crude comment she got. She donned leather pants and a matching crop top with her glasses on in a video where she appeared over the comment and drew attention to it.

The comment read, “She looks like a Hickory Farms sausage with glasses… [hand over face emoji].”

Tania confidently struck poses from the front and the back in the leather look and blew a kiss to the camera.

To accompany her response to the rude comment, Tania wrote in her caption, “What I’m taking from this: I look good enough to eat tho ?? #hatersgonnahate #laughwithme #adultsactinglikekids.”

Tania shared the post with her 159k followers.

Tania Maduro recently clapped back at a different 90 Day Fiance hater

Tania recently launched a YouTube series about nostalgic times with her now-estranged-husband Syngin Colchester when they traveled together years back.

Regarding the trip down memory lane, Tania received backlash from a critic who accused her of not letting Syngin move on with his life.

Tania assured the critic that she and Syngin were on good terms and could feel nostalgia about the past without letting it affect her present.

Tania also reminded the opinionated viewer that her and Syngin’s relationship and breakup played out on camera in the public eye, so making their past relationship that people haven’t seen yet public was not a stretch or weird.

Tania is looking for love on 90 Day: The Single Life

While Syngin was a cast member on Season 2 of The Single Life, with Tania making appearances early due to their filmed breakup, Tania is now a cast member on Season 3 of the hit 90 Day spinoff.

Tania is in Aruba, living her best life and trying to find someone special.

Tania already went on one date, but he was put off by the fact that Tania was still legally married. Tania grew upset with her date because he had his ex’s lips tattooed on him, so she thought he was being hypocritical.

The Single Life viewers watched Tania try to flirt awkwardly with a girl at a party before watching her go on her first actual date with a female on the latest episode.

90 Day: The Single Life airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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