Tamron Hall rips Kody and Robyn Brown in resurfaced Tell All clip, Sister Wives fans call for her to return

Robyn and Kody Brown and Tamron Hall from the Sister Wives Tell All
Sister Wives fans are calling for Tamron Hall to return as host for the Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

After seeing a resurfaced clip of Tamron Hall calling out Robyn and Kody Brown during a Tell All, Sister Wives fans want Tamron to return as the host.

Following Season 16 of Sister Wives, viewers were pleasantly surprised when TLC announced a three-part Tell All called Sister Wives: One on One hosted by Sukanya (Suki) Krishnan.

There have been different hosts for the Sister Wives Tell All specials in previous years, including news correspondent SuChin Pak, broadcast journalist Natalie Morales, and talk show host Tamron Hall.

Tamron Hall roasts Kody and Robyn Brown in resurfaced Sister Wives Tell All clip

Sister Wives fans recently took to Reddit where they called to “Bring Tamron Hall Back!” after watching a Tell All she hosted in 2015 when she exposed Kody and shot down Robyn during their interviews.

In the clip, Tamron reminds Kody that it wasn’t his turn to talk but rather Christine’s as they sat across from each other on the couches on stage.

Next, Tamron told Kody’s wives, “Tell me when you felt that Christine was jealous of your relationship with Kody,” which was met with silence for a few seconds before Robyn spoke up.

“Ugh, I ain’t doing that, sorry,” Robyn replied. “That goes against girl code, sorry.”

Tamron sternly reminded Robyn that they were filming a Tell All, and viewers expected to get the tea. “It’s open. It’s out there now. This is called ‘Tell All,’ not girl code, and you chose – and I’m happy you did – to come out of the shadows.”

Tamron added, “But you know, Robyn, as well as I do, that people wonder about the dynamic. Even if they understand the spiritual calling of it, they wonder, ‘How does a guy have four wives and there not be jealousy?'”

Sister Wives viewers call for Tamron Hall to return as Tell All host

Now, Sister Wives fans are calling for Tamron to return as host of the Tell All.

“Tamron Hall could pull them out, loved the tell-all’s with her!” wrote one Sister Wives viewer.

Another Redditor compared Tamron Hall’s approach to Suki Krishnan’s on this season’s Sister Wives: One on One special.

“Watching the new lady, I felt so bad. I don’t know if it was her, or the nature of the one on one interviews, but she made the job look so hard and I could feel her stress,” they commented. “Tamron is smooth. She knows just what to ask and when, no sweat!”

sister wives fans on reddit called for tamron hall to return as host of the tell-alls
Pic credit: u/hcouliba/Reddit

Another Sister Wives viewer loved how Tamron got Kody and his wives “amped up” during Tell Alls and penned, “I feel like this specific host intentionally amps the family up with every question… and I love it.”

Sister Wives fans have spoken, and it looks like they prefer a harder-hitting host for the Tell Alls who will ask the tough questions and get right down to the nitty-gritty.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. Cooking with Just Christine airs every Sunday on

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2 years ago

It is truly unrealistic and I would say unhealthy to have your husband having sex with a different woman every other night. The internal bacteria and the thought of where he puts that thing is repulsive. No wonder a woman gets jealous. Who wouldn’t? He can cut off one wife and she has to be punished by no intimacy while he plows the field with others. CRAZY!!!!

2 years ago

Why didn’t someone also tell Robyn that she dosent speak for them all directly?

2 years ago

Kody and Robyn as so manipulative that I have no doubt they had something to do with the fact that Tamryn Hall was not asked to come back. Kody’s mistreatment of women wouldn’t fly with Hall, so I’m sure he threw a tantrum and got his way as usual.

2 years ago

Tamron was great, the new lady did a good job but you could tell that Kody had it all going his way or they would walk. He was such a bully, felt that this was a throw away season except for the kids and Christine.

2 years ago

cody is sleeping with robyns oldest daughter groom her to be a sister wife and ashamed that she let it happen