Tamra Judge tells former RHOC costar Kelly Dodd to ‘be careful’ after bashing her business

Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd.
Tamra Judge weighed in on her company, Vena CBD, after former RHOC costar Kelly Dodd claimed she’s not an actual owner. Pic credit: © Thompson/F.Sadou/AdMedia

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge clapped back at her former costar after receiving criticism about her Vena CBD business.

During a recent episode of their YouTube series The Rick & Kelly Show, former RHOC star Kelly Dodd slammed Tamra’s business and claimed she didn’t actually own the business as Tamra has previously claimed.

The company, which Tamra runs alongside her husband, Eddie Judge, provides a wide range of CBD wellness products.

And while Tamra and Eddie have seen plenty of success with the brand since launching in 2017, that didn’t stop Kelly from calling Tamra out for being a “fake.”

However, as longtime RHOC viewers know, Tamra isn’t one to take an insult without standing up for herself.

After hearing Kelly’s claims, Tamra shaded her former castmate in a post to social media in preparation for the New Year.

RHOC alum Kelly Dodd slams Tamra Judge’s Vena CBD business, calls her a ‘fake’

In a clip captured by a Twitter user, Kelly went all in on her insult of Tamra’s business yet again and called her claims of “ownership” into question.

“This isn’t really her company,” Kelly stated. “As far as the documents show.”

Kelly continued to claim Tamra and Eddie didn’t come up with the “formula” for the company’s products and simply “slapped their name” on it.

As if the initial insult wasn’t enough, Kelly doubled down and further called Tamra a “liar” for claiming to be the founder of the company.

Concluding her rant, Kelly also called out other RHOC stars, Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter, for being “toxic” and a “bunch of liars.”

Tamra Judge claps back at Kelly Dodd’s allegations, tells her to ‘be careful’

In response to Kelly’s rant, Tamra chose to address her claims in a statement made to her Twitter account.

Tamra took a less direct approach to shut down Kelly’s allegations against her and chose not to call her out by name.

However, there was no mincing her words, and according to Tamra, she is undoubtedly the owner of Vena CBD.

“Nothing like addressing a little crazy to wrap up the year,” Tamra’s statement reads, in part.

She continued to correct Kelly’s statement, sharing that “most LLCs use a registered agent” in order to avoid having to list an owner’s personal information for public view.

“I can assure you that I am in fact an owner of Vena,” Tamra continued, noting the “joint venture” includes Eddie and a collaboration with Medterra CBD.

Concluding her scathing statement, Tamra encouraged those talking smack about her business to “be very careful.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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