Tamra Judge slammed for supporting ‘toxic’ Monica Garcia after her RHOSLC firing

RHOC star Tamra Judge and RHOSLC star Monica Garcia screenshot
Tamra Judge supports Monica Garcia. Pic credit: Bravo

Tamra Judge has been tuning in to The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City this season, and she has chosen a side.

Not surprisingly, the RHOC star is Team Monica, and she’s getting bashed online after she showed support for the controversial newbie.

In case you haven’t heard by now, the rumors are true that Monica was recently fired –or at least, put on pause for now.

Plenty of RHOSLC fans are happy about the news, while others are outraged that she was axed after helping to make Season 4 a success.

Monica’s castmates had already made it clear that they wanted nothing more to do with her after finding out that she was behind a troll account and had spent years making cruel comments about them.

The three-part reunion didn’t do much to sway the women because Monica came into it unapologetic about her behavior.

Ultimately, nothing was resolved between the newbie and her costars, and despite an overwhelming amount of support from fans of the show, Monica’s behavior got her fired.

Tamra Judge says Monica Garcia is the ‘best one season Housewife in history’

Monica shared a series of photos with her burn book in anticipation of Part 3 of the reunion.

“Might publish a book. What, like it’s hard? #rhoslc,” wrote Monica. “FINAL EPISODE TONIGHT and I cannot wait to hear all your thoughts!!”

People didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts, and in the mix was RHOC star Tamra Judge singing the praises of the controversial RHOSLC newbie.

“You are going to go down as the best one season Housewife in history,” claimed Tamra. “You will be missed, BIG TIME— but remember, it’s never really over… ❄️ @monicanikigarcia.”

Tamra Judge shows support for Monica Garcia
Pic credit: @monicanikigarcia/Instagram

Tamra Judge slammed for supporting ‘toxic’ RHOSLC star Monica Garcia

Tamra’s comment drummed up over 1100 likes, but she also got a slew of comments bashing her for supporting the “toxic” RHOSLC star.

“@tamrajudge of course you would support a snake in the grass that’s who you are,” responded one commenter.

“@tamrajudge typical toxic tamra loving another toxic woman!” added someone else.

Another commenter wrote, “@tamrajudge this isn’t surprising. Only a fellow shady trolling lying manipulative woman would support a woman like monica… makes sense.”

Tamra Judge bashed on Instagram
Pic credit: @monicanikigarcia/Instagram

@tamrajudge They also need to fire you also, Tamra! Ure also as desperate as Monica! Lol That’s why you’re cheering for her! I’m not surprised at all!” wrote a Bravo viewer.

“Tamra is also just like Monica!… I’m not surprised she cheering for Monica! Lol They both are clowns 🤡🤡,” added someone else.

Tamra Judge bashed on Instagram
Pic credit: @monicanikigarcia/Instagram

Are you surprised that Tamra is Team Monica? Sound off in the comments.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus.

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