Tamra Judge shocks RHOC viewers — curses at Andy Cohen and tells him ‘be quiet’

RHOC star Tamra Judge and Bravo exec Andy Cohen screenshot
Tamra Judge blasted for her treatment of Andy Cohen. Pic credit: Bravo

Tamra Judge put on quite a display during part two of The Real Housewives of Orange Country reunion.

Viewers were shocked at the way she spoke to host Andy Cohen, at one point cursing at him and telling him, “Be quiet!”

The awkward moment had tongues wagging on social media as viewers expressed surprise at the rude exchange.

Some people are even calling for Tamra to be fired from the show.

The Season 17 reunion marked the first one for Tamra since her return to the franchise.

She was put on pause for two years but was brought back after RHOC’s dwindling ratings and dismal reviews from fans.

The 56-year-old returned with a vengeance and stirred things up on the show, so much so that viewers asked for her to be put on pause again.

Tamra’s recent behavior at the reunion has viewers even more convinced that her return was a mistake.

Tamra Judge shocks RHOC viewers during a rude exchange with Andy Cohen

Who knew you could curse at your boss and get away with it?

Well, that was the case for Tamra Judge, who had a heated interaction with Andy Cohen when he tried to point out her hypocrisy during her faceoff with Heather Dubrow.

Tamra, who was sitting closest to the Bravo exec on the couch, got sassy with Andy when he called her out for saying “terrible things” about her castmates when she got fired from the show.

“We’re not talking about that, so “f**k off!” she said at one point, then added, “Be quiet.”

Tamra’s castmates were taken aback by the outburst, and her bestie Shannon Beador gasped at the comment.

Andy, for his part, raised his eyebrows and laughed awkwardly at Tamra’s remarks.

However, viewers watching the reunion didn’t find it funny at all.

Viewers call for Tamra Judge’s firing after the RHOC reunion

RHOC viewers couldn’t wait to sound off on Tamra’s behavior, and they expressed outrage on social media and called for her firing.

“I would’ve loved for Andy to have fired her live on the reunion,” said one viewer.

“Tamra sucked this season anyway, so I won’t miss her next season when Andy fires her. 😂,” wrote someone else.

One commenter said, “That was very disrespectful….I was shocked.”

Tamra Judge called out  by RHOC viewers
Pic credit: @byewighellodrama/Instagram

A commenter exclaimed, “WOW.. the disrespect. She deserves to be fired… again.”

Another person added, “I just pray this solidified Tamrats walking papers @bravoandy She made you look like a fool! Get rid of her because none of us enjoyed one thing about her all season long!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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Keith Mars
Keith Mars
8 months ago

Enough of Tamra!

8 months ago

She is a piece of work! She needs another wake up call about her behavior. She is classless but thinks she is the best and the most beautiful and she is as phony as s&>t! Act your age!

Georgia Gipner
Georgia Gipner
8 months ago

Wow. TJ seems to think she is the Queen of Bravo. Andy was classy as always. He should have had security escort her out. She’s gotta go!