Tammy Ly, Demar Jackson, and Ivan Hall make video about dating outside Bachelor Nation

Tammy Ly
Tammy Ly reunites with her Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costars Ivan Hall and Demar Jackson. Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

Tammy Ly is no stranger to sharing her Bachelor Nation-related thoughts, and her recent video did just that.

Tammy linked up with The Bachelorette Season 16 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 pals Ivan Hall and Demar Jackson.

During the trio’s time together, they hopped on a TikTok trend.

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Putting their spin on the trend, they referred to Bachelor Nation and their dating preferences.

Ivan and Demar are currently in committed relationships with girlfriends outside The Bachelor franchise, and Tammy is dating more casually.

The three Bachelor Nation stars highlighted a trait that could be a red flag in potential partners during their video.

Tammy Ly reveals what Bachelor Nation activity makes someone no longer a ‘ten’

Tammy Ly took to Instagram to share a video with Demar Jackson and Ivan Hall that featured them saying a lot — without saying a word.

In the video, Tammy sits down as Ivan and Dear pose behind her.

Text over the video reads, “When they’re a 10 but follows EVERYONE in bachelor nation.”

The three make gestures implying they aren’t interested in someone who seems too invested and involved with Bachelor Nation before quickly exiting out of frame.

The trend comes from TikTok, where people address what could make someone less attractive.

Tammy captioned the post, “Safe to say we like dating outside of BN. Coming soon to @thevibepod.” Tammy also included a zipped lips emoji and a side eye emoji, indicating she may have a project under wraps or an upcoming announcement to make.

Tammy’s fans and friends react to her video 

Tammy received comments under her video, including a reaction from The Bachelorette Season 16 star Chasen Nick.

Chasen appeared to agree with Tammy’s sentiment about not dating within Bachelor Nation, as he, too, has a partner that is not a part of the franchise. 

Chasen commented, “Same here,” Tammy replied, “you know what’s up.” 

Other comments included, “OK HOTTIE,” and “Demar just doin whatever.” 

Tammy Ly's comments
Comments under Tammy Ly’s video. Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

Tammy, Demar, and Ivan appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, where Tammy and Ivan had their fair share of drama on the island.

After trying to find love more than once within the franchise, it seems Tammy, Ivan, and Demar are happily moving on to partners outside of Bachelor Nation. 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC. 

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