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Tami Roman digs dirt on Evelyn Lozada in Basketball Wives

Tami on Basketball Wives
Tami Ramon is convinced a leopard doesn’t change its spot in respect of Evelyn on Basketball Wives

This week on Basketball Wives, the tensions between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada continue to simmer but Evelyn and Jackie make progress.

Last week saw Tami and Evelyn meetup for the first time in years and it only took a few minutes to be reminded just why they haven’t spoken in so long.

Evelyn defended herself last week
Evelyn defended herself last week

Tami has never forgiven Evelyn for sleeping with her husband, despite her filing for divorce long before the pair slept together.

She also accuses Tami of telling everyone she could never be friends with her, even though they were not exactly best buddies to start with. As the conversation went south she out and out called Evelyn a ho and at one point it looked like she might slap her. Eventually Evelyn said she’d had enough and unclipped her mic before walking out.

Tami sows some seeds of doubt in Jackie's mind over her relationship with Evelyn
Tami sows some seeds of doubt in Jackie’s mind over her relationship with Evelyn

Meantime, Evelyn and Jackie have been starting fresh but Tami is all too happy to sow some doubt in Jackie’s mind over how genuine Evelyn really is. Tami tells her that Evelyn has been throwing shade online and gets her glasses out to find the juicy evidence.

Basketball Wives airs at 9:00 PM on VH1.

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