Tami quits Basketball Wives: Everything you need to know

Tami Roman
Tami Roman walked out of the Basketball Wives reunion special. Did she quit the show? Pic credit: VH1

Tami Roman has hit her breaking point. During last night’s reunion special for Basketball Wives, Tami decided to walk off the set in the middle of filming. Things had gotten rather heated between her and Evelyn Lozada throughout the season, and while Tami had issued an apology to Lozada, Evelyn didn’t want to hear it.

In true Evelyn style, she shut down the apology and made a harsh comment at Tami, resulting in Roman walking off the stage.

Now, fans want to know – is Tami Roman completely done with Basketball Wives? It’s hard to say at this point, but she did say that she was done with the drama and done with the ladies.

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On Instagram, she also revealed this morning that it had been a wild ride, but she was ready for something else. Now that she’s dealing with diabetes, it’s possible she wants to focus on her health, her two daughters, and her relationship.

Perhaps Roman was trying to diffuse the drama between herself and Evelyn before making the announcement that she was leaving Basketball Wives.

Before leaving the stage, Tami Roman had apologized for making comments about Evelyn’s domestic dispute with Chad Ochocinco that resulted in them getting a divorce just days after their wedding a few years ago. Roman didn’t feel that she had a right to speak out about it, but Evelyn didn’t want to hear the apology.

While filming, Tami had claimed that Evelyn wasn’t telling the whole story and that she was physical with Chad too. On Basketball Wives, she even claimed that Evelyn was “fighting that man.”

The drama continued as Tami accused Evelyn of reaching out to Roman’s business executives in hopes of interfering in Tami’s business dealings. When Evelyn didn’t deny it, Tami went after Evelyn’s fertility issues, as she has gone through IVF. But when Lozada fought back, bringing up Tami’s “fried eggs” and alluding to Tami’s miscarriage a few years ago, Roman got upset.

Basketball Wives has come to an end this season on VH1, but the show could face renewal later this year or early next year.

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