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Syngin from 90 Day Fiance wants Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo to talk to his grandmother

Syngin on 90 Day Fiance
Syngin wants to meet Theresa Caputo. Pic credit: TLC

Will Theresa Caputo see a TLC mashup of Long Island Medium and 90 Day Fiance in her future? Syngin from Season 7 wants to meet her so he can connect with a deceased relative. Can we make this happen?

On Friday, TLC posted a teaser for the upcoming episode of Long Island Medium where Theresa Caputo helps a grieving mother find peace.

Surprisingly, new TLC star Syngin from 90 Day Fiance was in the comments. He wrote, “I so badly want to meet her my granny died while I was in the states and I was not allowed to go to her funeral I would love if she could help.”

That prompted a few skeptics, naturally, but one fan commented on Syngin’s situation, telling him, “That’s horrible, I hope you can get in touch with her for a reading and get some closure.”

TLC posted a Long Island Medium sneak peek and Syngin commented
Syngin’s plea to meet up with Theresa Caputo on TLC’s Instagram page. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Syngin even replied, thanking her for the suggestion and it’s clear that he really wants to get in contact with his grandma.

Why wasn’t Syngin allowed to go to granny’s funeral?

It’s terrible that Syngin missed his granny’s funeral and based on his comment about it on the Long Island Medium post, it’s pretty clear that it bothers him. Hopefully, he can get the closure that he needs and deserves (Hey TLC, can we make this happen?).

But why was he “not allowed” to head back to South Africa temporarily? It turns out that is all due to his K-1 visa.

The K-1 visa is what is considered a “single entry” visa. That means that you can only use it to enter the U.S. one time and then, you must stay until the process is complete and you are a green card holder.

There are exceptions and K-1 visa holders are able to apply for a travel document that will allow re-entry but it takes time to get processed and in cases like funerals, it’s unlikely that Syngin would have been able to get the paperwork done that quickly.

Since Syngin wasn’t able to make it back home, here’s to hoping that he can be granted a meeting with Theresa Caputo. That would make for a great 90 Day Fiance – Long Island Medium crossover event.

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