Sydney Lotuaco celebrates 31st birthday

Sydney Lotuaco
Bachelor Nation star Sydney Lotuaco has fun on her birthday. Pic credit: @sydneylotuaco/Instagram

Sydney Lotuaco first appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. 

While Sydney wasn’t able to find love on The Bachelor Season 23 or Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, she found lots of friendship with Bachelor Nation and later found love with her current husband. 

Now, Sydney has even more to celebrate as she recently turned 31 

Sydney Lotuaco raises a glass on her birthday 

Sydney Lotuaco celebrated her birthday as she turned 31 on July 2.

Making the most of her day, Sydney posed on a porch with a glass in hand. 

Sydney wore soft colors for her birthday attire, wearing a neutral-toned dress and heels and completing the look with a headband.

Sydney wrote over the photo, “Cheers to 31! Activate birthday mode,” with sparkle and champagne clinking emojis. 

Sydney Lotuaco
Pic credit: @sydneylotuaco/Instagram

Sydney Lotuaco shares about fiance Nick Wehby’s near-paralysis and miracle recovery 

A week ago, Sydney commemorated the nine-year anniversary of her fiance Nick’ defying all odds.’ 

Sydney shared their story in a video that began with her and Nick walking on a bridge hand in hand. 

Text over the video read, “this is my fiance and I think he’s amazing but there’s more to the story.” 

The video then cuts to an image of Nick Wehby in a hospital bed, looking to be in a bad state with tubes and a neck brace. 

Sydney explained how Nick got his injuries, “On June 22nd, 2013, He dislocated his C3 and C4 vertebrae diving into a swimming pool and was told he’d never walk again.”

Adding a video of Nick moving his legs, Sydney wrote, “Until after 3 days in the ICU he started experiencing what the doctors called ‘involuntary muscle firing.’”

The video continued, “His parents were told they would be taking care of him for the rest of their lives.”

Adding a video of Nick walking, Sydney wrote, “They still don’t know how it’s possible, but what the doctors said would be 6-9 months of physical therapy turned out to be just 2 weeks. When he relearned how to fully walk again and lives today with no issues at all!”

Sydney shared Nick’s message after overcoming, writing, “Based on his experience: this is his message: Tell the people you love that you love them as much as you can.”

Sydney captioned the post, “Since it’s been 9 years since my fiance defied all odds I figured I’d reshare his story. I didn’t know him then, but I’m grateful for his doctors & nurses and everyone who kept him going and made this possible. I love you @njw_0401 and am forever in awe of you ❤️.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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