Susie Evans calls her parents ‘the coolest roommates ever’ as she moves into a new apartment on her own

Susie Evans with her mom and dad
Susie Evans’ biggest supporters are her mom and dad. Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Susie Evans, a current contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, is still vying for his heart as the show goes into Episode 4.

In fact, she almost seems as if she’s a front-runner among the other girls, which is why the post made by Susie on her Instagram was extremely interesting.

Susie Evans posted a caption, along with four pictures on her Instagram story. The pictures included her parents, Tom and Jean, her nephew, and also Susie, herself, as she sat on the floor with boxes surrounding her.

The caption read, “Crashing with Tom and Jean for the past two months was much needed. The coolest roommates ever! Yesterday they helped me move everything from storage into my new apartment in VB. I can’t express how grateful I am to have parents that care so much and have made my life so fun. Forever feeling like the luckiest girl because of the family and friends I’ve collected in this life!”

Susie Evans moves into a new apartment

It looked as if Susie has been busy packing up and is getting ready to move forward and onward, as she got a new apartment by herself in Virginia Beach.

Susie is obviously super close to her family, especially her mom Jean and dad Tom. They evidently also love them some Five Guys, as she displayed a picture of her parents eating their burgers and fries and sipping on a pop.

Moreover, another picture advertised Susie with her dad Tom, and it appeared he may have been taste-testing some soup that Susie had made. As she flashed a thumbs up in the picture, Tom must have been impressed with his bite.

In the last picture, Susie publicized a picture with her mom and nephew. Susie also has a niece, and surely she is just as close to her, as it is evident how much she loves her family and spending time with them.

What does the word ‘much-needed’ really mean?

Now let’s read into the words Susie used in her caption, “much needed.”

She stated she spent some “much-needed” time with her parents and family the last two months.

Bachelor Nation could only interpret that in two ways…One, Susie was not chosen as the final rose recipient by Clayton, and she needed her parents for emotional and physical support after she was sent home. Or, Susie did, in fact, win over the heart of Clayton, and she had to lay low while the show aired.

Bachelor Nation and Susie Evans fans…which one do you think is correct? Only time will tell.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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