Survivor Season 40 recap: Winners at War continues with Episode 2

Parvati Shallow worked up a plan on Survivor Season 40, Episode 2. Pic credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

This Survivor Season 40 recap comes from the new episode that aired on February 19. Serving as Episode 2 of the new season, it ended with another former winner getting voted out.

During the season premiere — which just aired last week on CBS — two people were sent to Extinction Island. Natalie Anderson and Amber Mariano did not fair well at Tribal Council and got voted out.

Natalie and Amber will get a chance to return, but they would get a new member of their island tribe by the end of the episode.

Survivor Season 40 recap for Episode 2

To start out the episode, Amber was shown on Extinction Island. Then, back at the Sele Tribe, Rob Mariano received some mail. It was the Fire Token that Amber had willed to Rob when she left.

Rob seemed to immediately know what had happened as she opened the mail. He then told Parvati Shallow about the Fire Token, where they surmised that maybe it was Sandra Diaz-Twine… unless Sandra voted out Amber? She did.

Elsewhere at camp, Ben Driebergen helped Denise Stapley find a Hidden Immunity Idol. It was the two-halves idol, which had to be split up with someone Denise trusted. Denise shared the information with Adam Klein, who convinced her to split it with him.

At the other camp, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe found the other split Immunity Idol. She told Sophie Clarke about it. In an interview with the camera, Sophie told the viewers that Kim had made a mistake in telling her.

Going back to Extinction Island, Natalie found another power. This time, it was a Safety Without Power advantage. Nat sent it to Jeremy Collins to possibly purchase. He would need to buy it with one Fire Token. He did. The advantage meant he would be safe at an upcoming Tribal Council, but that he could not vote at it.

Immunity Challenge

The Survivor Spice Kit was on the line — in addition to immunity — as the two tribes met for another tough challenge. The obstacle course was a difficult one with puzzles, locks, and keys to work through.

Sandra and Sophie beat out Rob and Denise in the final puzzle, giving Dakal a win and sending Sele back to Tribal Council. Would Rob be in trouble after his severe struggles on that puzzle?

In chats before the Tribal Council, Danni Boatwright revealed to Ben that Rob, Parvati, Danni, and Ethan Zohn were all working together. Big mistake.

Tribal Council

It was a chaotic Tribal Council, with Ben singling out Danni and Pavarti. There was a lot of side-chatter taking place as well, suggesting that a surprise vote could be taking place soon. It wasn’t very surprising, though.

The votes as read by host Jeff Probst were for Parvati, Danni, Danni, Danni, Danni, and Danni. That meant Danni was the third person voted off this season.

Danni Boatwright went to join Natalie Anderson and Amber Mariano on Extinction Island.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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