Survivor return date finally revealed in new CBS announcement

Jeff Probst Hosting Survivor Again
Jeff Probst returns as the host of Survivor Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor return date has finally been announced, officially ending more than a year of time since we last saw a new episode of the hit reality competition show.

We already know who is on the Survivor 41 cast, as they finished filming the upcoming season a while ago, but CBS had us waiting to learn when the season premiere would air in the fall of 2021.

Not only did we get an announcement, but host Jeff Probst also popped on social media to share a new video, creating a lot of buzz for when the show returns with the first episode since Survivor: Winners at War came to an end.

“Wednesday night is @survivorcbs night on @CBS! We’re back with a MONSTER of a season on September 22nd with a 2hr premiere. RT of you’ll be there!” Jeff Probst posted on Twitter.

Survivor return date announced at CBS

Below is the fun video that Jeff just posted on Twitter that will certainly get fans chatting.

“Get ready for the return of Wednesday night as #Survivor night! Season 41 premieres Wednesday, September 22nd on @CBS and you won’t want to miss a moment!” reads the social media posts from the show itself.

It’s definitely exciting to see CBS and the producers of the show are finally starting to heavily advertise for the 2021 Survivor start date, especially with how long we have been waiting to finally see some new content.

Some changes to the Survivor format

Some Survivor rumors that came out recently revealed that the new season is going to be a bit shorter than in the past. Typically, a full season of Survivor includes the castaways playing for 39 days in Fiji. That doesn’t appear to be the case for Survivor 41, which could be a lot shorter in terms of the number of days people are playing the game.

This likely won’t impact how many episodes air on CBS, it just means that everything will be happening much quicker for the people on the show. Rather than having breaks in between challenges and days where they are just hanging out with their respective tribes, Jeff will have the cast getting right down to business with challenges and eliminations.

This new season of Survivor is also trying to take things back to the basics. There isn’t a special theme or gimmick for the new season. Instead, it’s just 18 brand new people all competing to try to take home the title of Sole Survivor and that nice $1 million cash prize.

Survivor 41 debuts on Wednesday, September 22 at 8/7c on CBS.

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1 year ago

I’d be happy if they just got back to having people where the same clothes for the entire show, and eat exotic creatures.