Survivor recap: A search for advantages comes with consequences

Survivor 41 E3 Tribes
Survivor 41, Episode 3 eliminated another person from the show. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41, Episode 3 aired on Wednesday night, and it was called My Million Dollar Mistake.

It was time to find out what would happen with the Yase Tribe, which was now down to just four people (Evvie, Liana, Tiffany, and Xander).

On the last episode, it was David Voce who got voted out by a really strong alliance of women.

And back on the season premiere, Eric Abraham and Sara Wilson got voted out of Survivor 41.

When the new episode began, only 15 people were still in the running for the $1 million prize and the episode title (My Million Dollar Mistake) hinted at someone ruining their own game.

Survivor 41, Episode 3 recap

As expected the episode began at the Yase Tribe, with the group trying to figure out a way forward with just four people. Tiffany then found an advantage near the fire, but other tribemates saw it happen.

Over at Ua, Brad found the same advantage, meaning this episode was going to get pretty spicy later on. He also ended up finding the three-way Immunity Idol chance. In order to get to that power, he would have to use the same phrase that Xander spoke in the last episode.

And at the Luvu Tribe, it was Sydney who ended up with the advantage.

The message for the new potential advantage read, “Tonight a boat will arrive, you must sneak out of camp and get on the boat. You will be taken to another island where you must make a decision. You will then return to camp. Failure to get on the boat will result in the loss of your vote at the next Tribal Council.”

The risky advantage for the three people in this episode was a tarp. If all three people chose to get a tarp, the tribes would all get tarps. But they could also try to gain the advantage of stealing a vote at a future Tribal Council. If someone chose to steal a vote instead of the tarp, they would be able to steal a vote and nobody would get a trap. If they all chose to steal a vote, though, they would all lose their vote at the next Tribal Council.

Brad chose to “Steal a Vote” so he has that new advantage to possibly go with his three-way Idol if it ever gains power. Brad tried to say the phrase at the Immunity Challenge but butchered it pretty badly. Luvu hasn’t found their third of it, so that doesn’t matter much yet.

Immunity Challenge

Luvu won the Immunity Challenge and escaped going to Tribal Council. It was the Ua Tribe that finished last in the challenge, meaning they would be at risk of losing another member.

Through three episodes, Luvu still has all six people who began the season (Danny, DeShawn, Erika, Heather, Naseer, and Sydney).

Another Survivor 41 Tribal Council

Someone from the Ua Tribe (Brad, Genie, Jairus, Ricard, and Shantel) was going to get sent packing during the third Tribal Council of the season. And this was going to lead to some questions from Survivor fans.

Brad Reese was voted out of the game by JD, Ricard, and Shantel. Genie was on the outside of things and Brad didn’t have a vote to use. It means that all the work and possible advantages that Brad had were wasted. We will have to see what happens next with those advantages when Survivor returns on October 13 with Season 41, Episode 4.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Anyone else see a constant theme developing with all of these CBS reality shows lately? Hmm…

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consequences.. but only if you are white and of the male species.