Survivor 44: Addressing the mysteries of Carolyn’s Immunity Idol

Carolyn Wiger Survivor 44 cast photo
Carolyn Wiger from the Survivor Season 44 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 44 already has a lot of Hidden Immunity Idols in play, even though they aren’t technically as hidden as in previous seasons.

This time around, the castaways have to find hidden keys and use those keys to open a birdcage that has a mystery bag inside.

There is a birdcage at each beach, putting three Immunity Idols into play right from the first day.

And inside those bags, there is a real Immunity Idol and something that producers have given the key finder to use as a fake Immunity Idol.

It’s still too early in the season for any fake Immunity Idols to come into play, but someone has already acquired a real Immunity Idol at each tribe.

In the latest episode, drug counselor Carolyn Wiger got one of the Idols, but it raised a lot of questions for the viewers at home.

Why nobody suspected Carolyn of having the Immunity Idol

As the episode played out, the editing made it look like the other four members of Carolyn’s tribe were always together and that they only figured out that the birdcage had been opened right after she did it. This made it seem obvious that Carolyn should be a suspect.

Helen Li, who got voted out at Tribal Council, explained what was really happening in her exit interview. She stated that at most times, there were one or two people missing from camp. It led to everyone becoming a suspect for having opened the birdcage.

Helen said that she thought it was either Carson or Sarah who had acquired the Immunity Idol, and then she thought it was Yam Yam because he was always searching for the key. It seems like Carolyn was low on the list of suspects due to her unfiltered approach to playing the game.

Why did Carolyn hold up a coin as her Immunity Idol?

As Survivor 44, Episode 2 was airing on CBS, Carolyn lifted up a coin that she stated was the Immunity Idol for the Tika Tribe. This raised a number of questions because the fake Immunity Idol for the Soka Tribe was a coin.

Below is an image of what Carolyn held up for the camera.

It turns out, though, that each of the tribes has a different real Immunity Idol and a different fake Immunity Idol. This is going to lead to a lot of chaos when the tribes merge, especially if the fake Idols get put into play. It was confusing enough for Survivor fans watching it take place, but this could lead to a lot of drama at future Tribal Councils.

Mike Bloom put together a video (shared below) that breaks everything down. It’s also a good review of which castaways got the Immunity Idols.

To catch up on or re-watch the first episodes from Survivor 44, fans can stream them on Paramount+.

And here is a reminder of who holds advantages so far this season.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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