Survivor 41, Episode 3 preview: New promo hints at secret advantage

Survivor 41 E3
A new episode of Survivor 41 is going to feature a sneaky advantage. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The new season of Survivor has aired two episodes so far this season, with three Tribal Councils also already taking place.

On the season premiere, Eric Abraham and Sara Wilson were voted out, making them the first two members of the Survivor 41 cast to get eliminated.

Then, during an all-new episode the following week, it was David Voce who got voted out by a really strong alliance of women.

The season has already had a lot of drama taking place on each of the three tribes and that is bound to continue with the way that idols might be won this fall.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing the next person have to talk about butterflies and dead relatives, with the high probability that someone else is going to catch on to things if a second member of the cast starts uttering that same phrase.

Survivor 41, Episode 3 promo

Below is a promo clip that gives a look at the next new episode of Survivor. It hints that some drama is coming, that a secret location is going to be revealed, and that there is more talk about that Immunity Idol twist that just came out during the last episode.

Keep a close eye on the 17-second mark of the teaser to see what we are talking about in regard to a secret location on the Fiji islands. It also has people hypothesizing that there will be a way to battle back into the game this season.

Yase Tribe is in trouble on Survivor 41

Evvie, Liana, Tiffany, and Xander are the final four members of the Yase Tribe who are left standing. Unless there is a merge or a tribe swap during the next episode, then the quartet is going to be at a big disadvantage at the next Immunity Challenge.

Xander is definitely the odd man out, as well, with Evvie, Liana, and Tiffany intent on keeping their three-person alliance intact well into the merge. If they don’t want to fall too far behind in overall numbers, though, they have got to avoid a Tribal Council.

According to the synopsis for Survivor 41, Episode 3 (which is called My Million Dollar Mistake), “Castaways stumble upon a sneaky advantage that comes at a great risk.”

Make sure to tune in for this new episode of Survivor 41, which airs for the first time on Wednesday, October 6.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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