Surviving Paradise fans say Linda should not have split her winnings with Lellies

Surviving Netflix stars Linda Okoli and Lellies Santiago screenshot
Surviving Netflix winner Linda Okoli shared her cash prize with Lellies Santiago. Pic credit: Netflix

If you haven’t watched Surviving Paradise on Netflix, make sure to add it to your watch list, and thank me later.

Viewers are still talking about all the heart-pumping twists and turns in the series, but it was the finale that dealt a final shocker.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, spoiler alert: Linda Okoli won the $200,000 cash prize!

However, people are upset that she opted to share the money with her castmate, Lellies Santiago, who betrayed her early on in the game.

In one final twist, which was very on-brand for the show, Linda had two options.

She could get an extra $50,000 and bring her prize money to $250,000 to keep for herself, or she could take the $200,000 and split it with another player.

True to character, Linda opted to take the lesser amount and gave half to Lillies. However, after watching the show, people are convinced that Lellies would not have done the same.

Linda Okoli wins $200,000 on Surviving Paradise

Linda played a clean game, and in the end, her terminated teammates voted her as the best person to take home the cash prize, and her final action proved why she deserved every penny.

Linda took to social media after the reality show premiered on Netflix and opened up about winning the game.

“This experience has truly been a crazy one to live through in more ways than one, but I am overjoyed to watch this journey back with my family, friends, and the world!” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Linda added, “It was honestly a blessing to be apart of this, and I truly hope y’all love every second of it!🤞🏾♥️✨ #SurvivingParadise.”

Surviving Paradise viewers are not happy that Lellies got half of the cash prize

If you watched the Netflix show, you’ll understand why not everyone is happy that Lellies also walked away with a portion of Linda’s winnings, and they made that known in the comments.

“Girrrll!! Why would you share with Lellies of all people😢?” questioned one viewer. “She literally was secretly competing with youuuuuu… Wish you had shared with Aaron.”

“Lellise did not deserve 1 cent!! You’re a better human than I am,” wrote someone else.

Another person reiterated the sentiment and said, “Just finished the show and Linda you’re a sweetheart ❤️, but Lellise wasn’t deserving of not even $1.”

Surviving Paradise viewers comments
Pic credit: @lifeonloc/Instagram

“You got played,” added one viewer. “I wouldn’t share my money with someone who sta*bbed me in the back so many times.”

Surviving Paradise is currently streaming on Netflix.

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