Super Sized Salon exclusive: Jamie Lopez is single again

Super Sized Salon star Jamie Lopez has ended her relationship with her cheating boyfriend.
Jamie Lopez is celebrating being single again. Pic credit: WEtv

Since the start of the show, viewers have watched Jamie Lopez struggle to feel confident in her relationship with her boyfriend, DeMarco.

After forgiving him for cheating years ago, Jamie discovered that he was once again being unfaithful and entertaining other women.

Finally fed up, Jamie decided it was time to confront DeMarco and end their relationship for good. Without worrying about what he’s doing anymore, Jamie feels she can focus on her business and her personal happiness.

In this exclusive clip for the Super Sized Salon season finale, Jamie and the ladies of Babydoll Beauty Couture celebrate her reentrance into the single life.

The women have a night out at a bar where they enjoy drinks, encourage Jamie, and celebrate her being free from her toxic relationship.

Jamie claims she is ready to enjoy the single life again, but she knows it’s going to be a hard adjustment since she was with DeMarco for seven years.

Her focus has now shifted on continuing her weight loss journey and making Babydoll Beauty Couture a household name.

Tune in to see how Jamie says goodbye to DeMarco one last time.

The season finale of Super Sized Salon airs Friday night at 10:30/9:30c on WEtv.

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