Sunisa ‘Suni’ Lee joins Dancing with the Stars: Who is the Olympic dancer and where can you find her on Instagram?

Sunisa Lee and Simone Biles
Sunisa Lee and Simone Biles. Pic credit: @sunisalee/Instagram

ABC was at the Television Critics Association panel on Thursday, August 26, and announced that Sunisa “Suni” Lee was one of the first new competitors on Dancing with the Stars Season 30.

She joins social media star JoJo Siwa as the first two contestants announced.

Lee will be the next world-class athlete competing on Dancing with the Stars, trying to win the Mirrorball Trophy.

Who is Sunisa ‘Suni’ Lee on Dancing with the Stars?

Sunisa “Suni” Lee is an 18-year-old Olympic gymnast who competed for the United States at the 2020 Olympics.

Lee has been highly successful in world games, winning the Gold Medal in the all-around event at the 2020 Olympics, hitting all four of her routines. She was the sixth American champion, joining names like Mary Lou Retton and Simone Biles to win the event’s gold.

She also won the Bronze Medal in the uneven bars at the event.

Lee was also a member of the United States team that won the gold medal at the 2019 World Championships.

With a total of six world championships, she is tied with Gabby Douglas, Kim Zmeskal, Kyla Ross, and Rebecca Bross as the ninth most-decorated woman in American gymnastics.

She just graduated from high school and will head to college at the University of Auburn as a freshman next.

At the age of 18, that makes both of the first announced dancers for season 30 of Dancing with the Stars teenagers.

Where can you find Sunisa ‘Suni’ Lee on Instagram?

Thanks to her Olympic success, Sunisa “Suni” Lee has a large social media following.

She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and you can find her at @sunisalee. She has 85 total posts.

Most of her posts are gymnastics photos.

She also had a photo outside Auburn, celebrating her entrance as an incoming freshman.

Sunisa Lee is also on TikTok and has a following of 1.6 million followers and a total of 25.7 million likes.

She also posted a video for the Dancing with the Stars Instagram page.

“Hi guys, I’m Suni Lee and I’m an Olympic gold medalist,” she said. “I am so excited to be joining season 30 of Dancing with the Stars and I’ll see you on the dance floor.”

Dancing With the Stars Season 30 premieres on ABC on Monday, September 20, at 8 p.m. ET.

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