Summer House: Is Luke Gulbranson dating costar Mya Allen?

Mya Allen and Luke Gulbranson on Summer House.
Luke Gulbranson shares whether he and Mya Allen have a romantic connection. Pic credit: Bravo

Mya Allen is one of the newest additions to this season of Summer House.

She is a friend of Paige DeSorbo and joined the cast for a summer of fun in the Hamptons six months after ending her engagement.

Mya was previously engaged to celebrity chef Kwame Onwuachi. Because of her history dating a chef, she was able to offer some words of wisdom to Danielle Olivera who was struggling to keep up with boyfriend Robert Sieber’s schedule after he opened his own restaurant.

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She entered the summer single and was ready to explore her options. While Luke Gulbranson was late to arrive in the Hamptons, it seems as though he might have managed to make a love connection with Mya.

Here’s what Luke had to say after Summer House fans speculated that he and Mya had something romantic going on.

Luke Gulbranson weighs in on possible romance with Summer House costar Mya Allen

Luke has had difficulty settling down with anyone as he’s continued to recover following the end of his last serious relationship which he, at one time, hoped would have turned into an engagement.

He admitted several times on the show that the breakup deeply impacted him and his ability to commit to anyone seriously.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said he was currently “ready to have a girlfriend” but wasn’t sure when it would actually happen.

Luke explained, “So, I’ve been dating around and I’m like, ‘Am I going to have a girlfriend next summer? Or am I going to be single?’ I don’t know. But I know I’m ready for it. And so, we’ll see what happens.”

Fans speculated that he may have something romantic happening with Mya after the two attended a recent taping of Watch What Happens Live. The two of them were spotted in the audience and Luke had his arm around her.

When asked about the possibility of something happening between them, Luke said, “I will tell you that I would never close the door on something with Mya,”

He went on to compliment her and referred to her as an “amazing person” and “beautiful.”

He continued, “And a little fun fact is, Mya said that she used to date a hockey player and I was like, ‘OK, well, I played hockey…’ So, yeah. I would never close the door on Mya. She’s really a great person and I enjoy her.”

Will fans get to see a possible connection between Luke Gulbranson and Mya Allen on Summer House?

While Luke remained pretty coy about where he stands with Mya at the moment, it’s quite possible the two of them made a connection while filming Season 6.

As the season continues, fans may even get to watch their connection develop.

Fans should tune in to new episodes of Summer House to find out if Mya will be the one to finally cause Luke to settle down.

Summer House airs on Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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